Dreamer’s World April 10 2017 – 2 Weeks


In 2 weeks we will be moving at last! The day is slowly drawing closer and it is fair to say that Hal and I cannot wait for that day to arrive. Even with all the hassles that moving entails, it will be worth it and we are in agreement that we will be happier in the new place, away form all the noise and with more room to get things comfortably organized.

We have only one complaint about the apartment that we are leaving, and that is that we have simply outgrown it. The other factors are the result of location and not of the apartment itself. The constant wailing of sirens from the fire station less than a block away will not be missed,

We have both completed our change of address forms with the Post Office and everything should go fine with that. Hal has already scheduled the cable tv/internet installation with the new company (GOODBYE COMCAST!!!) for the day after the move and he has also set up the necessary utility accounts to become active on the day of the move. We will have plenty of time to give the old apartment a thorough cleaning before we have to turn in the keys, but I want to get that done as quickly as possible to eliminate the trips back and forth during my week off.

I have one task to perform before the move and that is to get some hand-held shower heads for the new bathrooms so they can be installed in the new apartment soon after we arrive. Since we pick up the keys on the 21st, I will see if the apartment maintenance can install them that day or on Saturday so they will be in place prior to the move. If that isn’t possible, I can install them myself but I prefer to have maintenance do it in order to protect us from being responsible for any damages.

I have the usual extra hour this afternoon at work before I have to take Hal to work and then pick him up this evening. I am hoping for a good night of rest afterwards. I will spend the time at home waiting for Hal to call me by reading or listening to music or by writing more here in the blog. I want peace and quiet while I can get it. Hal has gone to take his nap before he has to get ready for work and I still have about 90 minutes until I am finished with work for today. Thankfully, there are not a lot of afternoon conference calls that I have to take part in.

At least I have not started smoking again. The vaping is enjoyable and is allowing me to slowly cut back on the nicotine


Vaping from John Guthrie on Vimeo.


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