Dreamer’s World April 7 2017 – Friday, Office Politics, And Another Day Closer To Moving


        Friday is here, but somehow it just doesn’t seem like it to me. I found out that I have been the victim of office politics once again, and of course I found this out after the fact since I work remotely from home and am also 3000 miles from the main office. The details are unimportant, it is the “convenience” that people in the main office have to shift problems away from themselves that bothered me when I first heard about it.         Office politics are always messy and I try to avoid being involved with them as much as possible exactly because I am not there to make my case or to defend myself. This episode will pass as all the others in the past have done, but it is still never a pleasant thing to discover.

        What this means to me on an everyday basis is that I will make an extra effort to account for all of the work that I am currently doing in order to alleviate some of the perceived issues. Of course, this almost amounts to adding another entire task to my current workload, but apparently it has to be done to calm the waters. Since I don’t see these people on an everyday basis and cannot casually discuss what I am working on, the emphasis falls on me to do this via extra documentation and reports.

        On the personal side, I am looking forward to 2 weeks from today. That is the day when Hal and I pick up our keys to the new apartment. The time off from work, apparently needed now more than ever, will actually start for me on the afternoon of the 20th and run through the following week. We will both be glad to get this done and over with. We are already tired of this apartment and the knowledge that we are so close to moving on just seems to make things worse. It is just human nature to want to move on while knowing that the time will eventually arrive for us to do so.

        At least today is my early day and I am off work at 1430 this afternoon. I have already talked with Hal and we will get out some this afternoon. There are items that we are looking at but will wait on until after the move is over with. It never hurts to look around. Since the day is cold and dreary, we will probably head to some stores to check out a few items.

        Personally, I want to check out a new vaping store, or at least new in the sense that I have not been there before. They mix e-juice flavors for users and I want to try them out as well as see what vaping mods they have and what they are like. It all depends on if Hal wants to go to that area of town, but there are plenty of other stores around the one I am interested in that he can spend time in. If Hal doesn’t want to go there, or if traffic is already screwed up, we can go somewhere else and I can check the place out tomorrow or Sunday.

        I am done with everything for the week. This includes all the documentation that I mentioned earlier so I feel better about the day than I did early this morning. I am ready for the weekend and also ready to get closer to the move.

        Our trip was productive and not expensive at all. I did pick up some e-juice for my vaping pleasure and I also looked at some new glasses. I think that I am going to get the new pair of glasses soon because the frames that I have are wearing out since they were not that well-made to begin with, and 2 years is about all that they were designed to last in the first place.

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