Dreamer’s World April 6 2017 – Not All Days Are Full Of Sunshine


        This is a morning that seems slightly out of phase around here. I feel this way because I have to go to the doctor later this morning and have blood drawn for semi-annual lab work. Of course this also means enforced fasting prior to the blood being taken and I am never in a good mood on these mornings. Once I return home from that trip I will finally be able to have something to eat.

        Added to the fasting effect is the lousy, gray, overcast morning itself. Unlike yesterday, this morning makes me want to turn off the lights and crawl back into bed, I wish that were a real option for me. I hope that whatever rain/storms are on the way will have the common decency to hold off until AFTER I get home from the doctor’s office. If only the weather could be made to cooperate with our wishes like that. I know that once I get something to eat that I will begin to feel better, until then this is a rough morning and it seems to be dragging on forever.         With a dreary day and the knowledge that I have to take Hal to work and pick him up this evening, my outlook has some definite room for improvement.

        I finally have returned from the doctor’s office and have had something to eat. Even though it is pouring down rain outside, I finally feel better after eating. Now my goal is to make it through the rest of the day without having any drama and then take Hal to work and pick him up this evening. Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!.

        The afternoon meetings will drag on simply because they always do. On a day like today they seem to go on even longer than normal although the clock says that they are no longer than any other day. At least I have gotten everything done that was scheduled for today and I am off work at 1530.

        Hal informed me that he has already set up the electric and cable accounts for the new apartment. That should take care of everything with just over 2 weeks until we get the keys on April 21. Since the move will take place on the 24th, Hal scheduled the cable installation for the 25th. The 24th will be busy enough with the movers and trying to get most of the furniture arranged properly and I am sure that we will be tired by the evening of the 24th.

        I have one task that I will perform before we get the keys and that is to pick up 2 handheld showerheads for the new apartment. I will schedule a maintenance request to have them installed properly. Hopefully that can be done on the 21st or 22nd since we will have custody of the apartment.

        To make this day seem perfectly glued to the mood, there is now a tornado warning with the worst of the storms off to the north and west of us here in Alexandria. Hopefully this will not materialize and cause any damage. This is the last thing that we need here since I have to take Hal to work later. Hopefully, things will calm down and there won’t be any damage. Any weather event in the DC area makes traffic even worse.

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