Dreamer’s World February 27 2017 – Our Prioroties Are All Wrong


I woke up this morning to get ready to start work and, as is my normal routine, I checked my social media for any news that had happened overnight. Most days I can find some items that will not be available via the MSM and I can attempt to find out more about them. This morning was one of those days when I see that our priorities are all wrong.

Apparently, there was an awards show last night, the Oscars. You can probably tell from that sentence that I don’t care for awards shows in general because I don’t find them newsworthy. Add to the normal social media noise about the simple fact that there was an awards show that apparently someone made a wrong announcement about a winner.

This shit is silly. It means nothing to the world. It is the equivalent of someone slipping and falling on a wet floor in a store somewhere. And yet, I can already tell that this incident will give the MSM a wet spot and they will do nothing but talk about it for as long as they can get by with it.

Hal (person) disagrees with me and my view on things like this. He says that “it always is good to know what everyone is talking about so you won’t feel left out”. I always tell him that if these are the issues and priorities that “everyone” is talking about that I can do nothing more than take pity on “everyone” and walk away. I could not care less about this bullshit on a personal level, but when it dominates the news I really question our priorities.

We have a NAZI in the White House that is tied with an umbilical cord to Moscow. Personally, I think that is the most important thing that the MSM should be talking about. How deep does this sinister connection go? How many of the RWNJ republiKKKans are involved? Why are so many people just overlooking this? This Nazi has banned reporters from any news organization he disagrees with. This is the mark of tyranny just like his Nazi predecessor from 75 years ago. I wish that I had all the answers that will bring him and his sycophants down, but I will not stop searching for them to take time to talk about what happened at an awards show last night.

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