Dreamer’s World February 26 2017 – The Return Of Cold Weather


    The cold weather has returned. Yesterday the temperature was in the 70s, but when I woke up this morning it had plummeted into the 30s. I am grateful for the stretch of spring weather that we enjoyed and am looking forward to its return hopefully soon. To say the least, this change in the weather will probably affect my plans for the day.

    The sun is still out and I am making up my mind about what I will do while Hal (person) is at work. There are a few errands that can be taken care of quickly and after that I have the rest of the day to myself until Hal gets home late this afternoon. I had thought about looking at tech toys but I know that I have to resist that urge until things calm down after the move. Tech only gets better as time goes by.

     After a shower I’m facing the eternal question about what to do this afternoon. The errands I mentioned earlier aren’t critical or time-sensitive so I am back to indecision once again.

     After feeling sorry for myself, I finally decided to get out and stopped at the local vaping store to check out an upgrade to my current setup. Saw a really nice one that tempted me, and it is possible that I might stop in there again to make the purchase since I am ready for an upgrade as I continue to wean myself off cigarettes, hopefully for good.

    Tomorrow will be a busy day at work and I am going to get to bed early since Hal (person) is watching the awards show on TV this evening. Personally, I don’t like awards show regardless of what they are about. Therefore, I will wish everyone a great evening and a great tomorrow.


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