Dreamer’s World July 15 2016


     For just once, I would like to experience a long period of time without another attack on innocent lives by some lunatic or lunatics somewhere in the world. Yesterday the lunatics struck in Nice, France. Yesterday the weapon was a truck that plowed through a throng of people who were gathered to celebrate Bastille Day. I cannot understand the level of hatred that exists in some people. I don’t want to ever experience that level of hatred towards any person or group of people because to do so is to basically die and keep living as a shell of a human being.
     I am already tired of all the calls for “revenge”. If revenge was such an effective response, we would not continue to experience these monstrous crimes against humanity. I hate to say this, but I almost believe that the leaders who inspire the lunatics and the leaders of the countries who continually demand military actions to extract “revenge” are secretly sitting around a table laughing all the way to the bank because they are invested financially in the war industry. Cynicism just comes naturally to me at times like this because I cannot follow the drooling herds that are calling for more war to solve this problem.
     The struggle for PEACE is a long one, it has lasted for thousands of years. It is fed by fear and division amongst the human race. Remember that when a leader calls out a group of people to take the blame for the actions of a few, or of one. That leader is unfit to lead because their own words identify them as a part of the problem. We have tried their way and it has been a complete and utter failure. Bombing some country halfway around the world doesn’t make us any safer, it creates the next band of lunatics that will incite the lunatic attacks in the future. Politically attacking people of one ethnicity here at home does the same thing.
     Over a decade ago, one of our own home-grown lunatics proclaimed “Mission Accomplished”. The real meaning must have been to create a permanently unstable world, because that is what his irresponsible actions did. That is why we still have our brave men and women stationed in that part of the world to this day and cannot seem to get out of our own way.
     After 9/11, I read through interviews with the now dead lunatic who was in charge of that operation. One thing that struck me was his prediction that if he was ever able to strike directly at the USA, he knew what the response would be and he predicted the quagmire that is the outcome we are experiencing right now. To be reduced to the role of the rat in the maze should be a wake-up call about how we are all being manipulated. The 9/11 lunatic is dead, but that hasn’t brought peace. Each and every death only results in some person calling for “revenge” and the cycle repeats all over again.
     If we want peace, we first need to look more closely at those in charge. What do they gain from continued instability? Who provides them with their financial backing? Why are any voices that call for a new way of thinking so instantly and effectively ostracized from the political processes around the world?
     When we discover the answers to those questions, we will be closer to the day when we won’t wake up to another lunatic massacre of innocent lives almost every single day.

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