Dreamer’s World July 7 2016


As Thursday begins, I am hoping to get out of the apartment at some point today and enjoy another day of my vacation. It would have been nice to go into Old Town Alexandria today, but it will be far too hot for walking several miles. I will try to do that another day or perhaps on a weekend when the weather is nicer and more cooperative. Since Hal (person) isn’t working today, I hope that we will be out together to enjoy the day.
     I don’t want to spend a lot of money today, but there are a few things that I need to get from the grocery store so I can cook some meals at home. Other than that, I might take Hal (person) to some places he wants to go. I do want to get a nice roast to cook in the crockpot, along with some green bell peppers, potatoes, and onions. Another possibility is picking up some chicken breasts so I can cook a few of them at a time here at home.
     I am still extremely happy with Project Fi and the Nexus 5X. I read that the next generation of Project Fi phones will be out soon, but I have no plans to upgrade until after I complete my extrication from my current cell provider. That will happen before the end of this year, I am certain. After that, I know that there will probably be another round of Nexus phones in 2017, so I can afford to take my time and enjoy the savings that I will recoup.
     One of the hardest decisions will be whether or not to just discard my old phone number and stick with the Google Voice number that I transferred to Project Fi. I think that it is time for a change, and only a handful of people will actually get the notification that my number has changed because I really don’t get many calls anyway. Again, this is something that I have time to prepare for without rushing into a decision.
     Hal and I did get out today, but we didn’t make it to the grocery store after all. It was insanely hot here again today and we were exhausted by the time we got home. While we were out, I did pick up a new pillow to try out tonight because my old one is several years old, and I often find that I wake up and have been sweating into the pillow, so it is time to get a new pillow.
     Since we got home, we have been waiting on a friend to call about possible plans to get together tomorrow. However since it is after 2100 and there has been now word from them , I believe this is a lost cause. I am not planning to hold tomorrow hostage at this point. If they call, that is great and we can see what might happen. If they don’t call, then there is no pressure on us to pursue the matter any further.
     I took these photos with the Nexus 5X today. I am very happy with the phone and the camera. Hal The Cat doesn’t seem to mind posing.

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