Dreamers World July 1 2016

    Why is it after finishing my last day of work before vacation I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep? It is one of those eternal mysteries I suppose because I don’t think I will ever figure it out. I will write for awhile and try to get back to sleep later. I have to go to my chiropractor in the morning, or in this case, later this morning. I suppose that things will even out eventually and I have already learned through the years thst no amount of worrying is going to change anything.
     After my morning visit to the chiropractor, I feel so much better. I haven’t felt this relaxed in several weeks. After I returned home, Hal (person) and I decided to go to lunch nearby. We took our time and enjoyed a wonderful meal together. Afterwards, we walked around the neighborhood for about an hour or so before returning home. 
     We enjoyed some quiet time but then made the mistake of turning on the TV in time to hear about the tragic situation in Bangladesh. I honestly wish that mankind had never invented religion and all of the imaginary friends who are supposed to be all about love, but their followers certainly do the most violent and hateful things. 
     I meant to write more about my Nexus 5x and Project To, but that can wait until tomorrow. I have turned the TV off because I can’t deal with more tragedy right now. 

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