Dreamers World June 29 2016 – Nearly There

     As I make my way back from my morning meeting with the client, I am enjoying a glorious summer day. After the storms last night, the skies are clear and blue and it isn’t hot and humid, at least not yet. When I get home, I am changing out of the suit and putting on some comfortable clothes to get me through the remainder of the workday. Luckily, this is my early day and I will be off work at 1530. 
     Immediately after work, I am going to my doctor to discuss the results from the lab work that was done last week. I don’t expect any problems and then I can return home to rest and relax.  I am still suffering from back spasms today, and I am not sure at times how I will survive until Friday when I have my chiropractor appointment in the morning. I will probably ask Hal if he feels like giving me a massage after my doctor appointment this afternoon. Thankfully, he said that he would. I wasn’t sure that he would feel like it after dealing with his own job earlier today.
     The afternoon should be quiet around here and since I leave work early today, I am already trying to relax, but the back spasms are making that nearly impossible. I am getting things all set for tomorrow, my last day of work before vacation because I don’t want things piling up on me at the last minute, or while I am away to overwhelm me when I get back.

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