Dreamer’s World June 29 2016 – Google Fi and the Nexus 5X Day One

     I am counting today as the first day with the Nexus 5X on Project Fi. Technically, I got the phone yesterday, but since the case I ordered hasn’t arrived yet I’m not taking the phone anywhere yet. Once the case arrives, I will venture out with the Nexus 5x and see how the reception is and how the network provides me with coverage around here.
     I love the phone so far. It is smaller than the iPhone 6 Plus but that adjustment isn’t a real issue for me because the iPhone was actually rather clumsy at times due to its size. 
     I am really pleased that the Nexus 5x also works with the iGluco BG meter that I have. I was prepared to switch to another meter since the iGluco, as the name suggests, was originally designed for iOS. But the app is available on the Play Store, and I can continue using this meter. This is just a pleasant addition to the phone so far.
     I have had no issues at all with the phone or the network thus far. According to my account page, I have used a whopping 0.01 GB out of my 3 GB of allotted data for the plan thus far. Of course, I haven’t taken the Nexus 5x out of the apartment yet, and won’t until I have a case for it, but I can monitor the usage very easily with the app for the phone. If this works as planned, I will pay approximately $55 a month. $50 for the service and $5 for device protection and replacement. Of the $50, $20 is for the calling and texting and messaging with the extra $30 covering 3 GB of data at $10 per GB. If my usage doesn’t reach 3 GB, I receive a refund or credit on my next monthly bill. If the usage doesn’t reach 3 GB I can always reduce the amount of data that I want as well since wifi data usage does NOT count against that limit. If this works out and I were to leave my current carrier, I would save over $120 a month! The key is to not rush into a decision based on only 1 day. I need more time to see how well this will suit my needs over a month or two before making that decision.

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