Dreamer���s World June 28 2016 – Sleepless Nights and the Things that run through My Mind

     Last night was a difficult one for me. I woke up several times with back spasms and then my BG went low. I was up at 0400 and eventually laid back down, but was never able to get back to sleep. If I didn’t work from home, I would already be calling in today. Since I do work from home, I will manage to get through today.
     A quick bowl of oatmeal helped my BG to recover, but the back spasms didn’t go away, It probably has something to do with laying in a position to accomodate two of The Stooges as I slept. I won’t blame them because I already had to reschedule my chiropractor appointment and I am feeling the strain.
     I will get the workday started in a few minutes. I found out that the Nexus 5x is out for delivery and should be here by this evening. It will give me something to do once it arrives, I am not one of those people who will produce an unboxing video, there are enough of those out there already. I am looking forward to the phone and the Google Project Fi service, which I will run in parallel with my current iPhone and coverage for a few months to determine my next course of action.
     One of the things that I did while I was unable to sleep was reviewing my social media feeds. I found that it was time to streamline things and discard “followers” who never interact with me. Everyone does this for time to time, and it isn’t anything done out of spite or personal offense. Instead I do it because I truly don’t have time to be mixed up with people who no longer bother to communicate or interact. It is simply time to move on and make new friends.
     I am excited to say that the Nexus 5x has finally arrived. Since I am still feeling less than perfect, Hal (person) has gone to the apartment office to pick up the package. I am going to open and activate it this afternoon once work is over with. I always feel like a kid at Xmas when I get a new tech toy!

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