Dreamers World June 25 2016 -Living And Learning


 I have to admit that today has turned into an excellent day. What I feared was going to be a terrible experience as I messed around with various ways to get my blog posts published to different platforms has turned out much better than I expected. 
     I want to send a heartfelt and sincere “Thank You” to those who have responded as I went through this process. I am sincerely grateful to each and every one of you. It brightens my day to know that these words, often repetitive and off-topic, do resonate with others out there. 
     The main thing is that I have learned something new and meaningful for myself. That alone makes this a great day. The reason for attempting this is the strong possibility that I will be switching from an iPhone to Android in the near future. There is a wonderful app called Blogo that I have been using for about a year. Sadly, it isn’t available for Android devices yet. The developers have said that the Android version might be released early next year. 
     My reasons for probably switching back to Android after a few years has to do with cost, because iPhones are getting too damned expensive, and customization that I really miss when using the iPhone.  I ordered a Google Nexus 5x yesterday and am going to try out Project Fi from Google. Project Fi is an interesting idea that allows Nexus phones from Google to actually roam on multiple cell networks as well as approved wifi hotspots. The carriers that are participating are T-Mobile, Sprint, and US Cellular. 
     Another great prospect is the cost. The pricing options start at $20 and each GB of data afterwards can be purchased in $10 increments. 

One plan, simple pricing, savings made easy

Sign up for our one simple plan

Fi Basics for $20 per month

Our plan starts with the Fi Basics for $20 per month, which includes: unlimited domestic talk and text, unlimited international texts, ability to use your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot, and coverage in 120+ countries.

$10 per GB for data

It’s always $10 per GB for data. $10 for 1GB, $20 for 2GB, $30 for 3GB and so on. That’s it. With no annual contract required.

Never pay for unused data

It’s hard to predict your data usage when it changes month to month. One month you’re streaming live sports, the next you’re mostly just checking email. At the end of each month, you’ll get your unused data credited in dollars and cents, so you only pay for what you use.

You only pay for what you use—get about 1¢ in credit for each MB of unused data

See how much you’ll save

Your current data plan:
2 GB
Your actual usage last month:
1.2 GB
The Fi Basics
2 GB of data
+ $20
Monthly plan cost
Credit for 0.8 GB unused data
– $8
Total actual cost:

+ taxes & fees

Pay one rate for data around the world

In 120+ countries, data usage costs the same $10 per GB as it does in the US (data speed is limited to 256kbps/3G). Check email, get directions, and keep in touch with friends and family when on your trip. Also, call around the world for 20¢ per minute and send unlimited international texts.

Learn more about international coverage

Service built around you

Get started with Project Fi today

     While this looks like an outstanding value, I will try it for myself for a while and see how I like it. The cost means that I can continue my current service and not go broke at the same time.

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