Dreamer’s World June 23 2016 – Nothing Changes with the media


I just heard that there has been another mass shooting. It happened in Germany at a cinema. Undoubtedly the media will once again lead the charge to hype the event without ever addressing the real problem, and that is the problem with the proliferation of guns around the world.


The republiKKKans will scream that the tragedy in Germany proves that gun control doesn’t work because that h is how they are progammed by their masters to respond. The fact that mass shootings occur in the US at an exponentially greater rate than the rest of the world convveniently escapes them every time. I am no expert on German gun laws and policy, but I suspect that they are more rigorous than here in the USA. Again, the main issue is being ignored and that is the problem of guns being available to people who want them in order to do these things, regardless of where they are.


I hate to oversimplify things, but one proposal that can be made is for guns to include a safety feature that is designed to protect innocent lives. If the person holding a gun were required to perform the simple exercise shown below, for example







If anyone holding a gun had to hold a loaded gun in this manner and then pull the trigger before it could fire a second shot, it would certainly eliminate the mass shooting epidemic.

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