Dreamer’s World June 22 2016 – Recovery Day and Observations

I made it through a rough night. Fasting is never fun when you’re diabetic, and last night was no exception. I ended up having to take several glucose tablets in order to keep functioning when I woke up early. Thankfully, that is all behind me now, at least for another 6 months.

I’m glad to report that my doctor was very hall with my condition and my progress. All the daily walking has really helped me out and I do feel better. I had my blood drawn and pissed in the cup, so I will go back to review the test results next Wednesday afternoon.

I came back home and had a life lunch because I didn’t want to swing my BG from one extreme to another. I am now sitting in on another of the endless series of meetings that I have to attend. My morning appointment prevented me from going to the client’s office this morning so I emailed my report to them yesterday afternoon. Luckily, today is my early day and I am off at 1530 and I am insisting that Hal (person) and I get out of here for awhile.

The afternoon is slowly passing by and I will be very happy to finish here. Hal (person) just got home and we will be going out after I am finished here in just under an hour. I want to go and look at tech goodies today and feel that wonderful sense of temptation as things catch my eye. We will also get something for dinner as well as go to Harris Teeter to stock up on groceries.

Like so many others who follow social media, I am keeping an eye on the proceedings in the US House of Representatives as Democrats are staging a sit-in to protest the lack of action on gun control legislation. This is something that i long overdue. There is no reason that a person can walk into a gun store, or a gun show, and buy a weapon without having a background check performed first. This is especially true of the high-capacity magazine type of weapons that are the favorite of so many of our domestic terrorists. I personally no longer care about the “right” of some lunatic to have more guns than most police departments when we have people being slaughtered because those weapons are too easily available.

I have written about my distrust of the media and their attempts to push the story into pre-contained little narratives that support their corporate masters. Each time we have a mass shooting it turns out to be an American who got their guns legally here in America that is responsible for the shooting. The NRA has blood on their hands because they want to stop any attempts to implement gun control. The republiKKKans have blood on their hands because they willingly vote for the NRA position regardless of what the American people want.