Dreamer’s World June 21 2016

This morning has brought us some relief from the heat. It is cloudy and looks like it might rain or storm at any minute here. It makes a difference here where I work because I normally don’t have any lights on in order to enjoy the sunlight through the window next to my desk. Today I am using the lights in the room because it is so dark outside.

There is nothing metaphorical about the gloomy morning. I didn’t sleep well, but that isn’t related as far as I know. I will have a normal day here at work but then I will have to fast overnight before I go to the doctor in the morning for my semi-annual blood work. This is never a fun time as one can imagine, but it has to be done. I expect good results since my BG has remained within the good range approximately 90%+ of the last 6 months.

I do have a rather important meeting that I am hosting this morning, and I am already prepared for that. With any luck, we will make some real progress on the data quality problems that have plagued the client ever since this project started. Unfortunately, it takes the presentation of real data to show them how their established system often fails when it is incorporated into a real-time system-driven environment. Traditions die hard, and that is always one of the major uphill battles we face. Try as one might, computers and humans will never interpret data in exactly the same way.

The day has gotten darker outside. We just received the first of what will probably be multiple severe thunderstorm watches, and perhaps, warnings before the day is over with. It does limit what we might do after the workday is done, but nothing major was planned anyway since I have to fast beginning late tonight in order to go to my doctor appointment in the morning.

My meeting went very well earlier today, and we are making some great progress, at least until we present our findings to the customer and encounter the usual indecisiveness about moving ahead with the proposed plan. Sadly, we have to abide by whatever the customer decides and make the best of it. We try to educate the customer as best we can, but it would be nice if there were more open communications.

The storms are still approaching. It probably kills us doing anything after work, so we might order a pizza this evening if nothing else. Hopefully, things will not get too bad around here and everyone will stay safe.

It looks like the biggest storms have passed us by with only heavy rain. I didn’t notice any hail or severe lightning, at least not right here. In order to keep things simple, we are ordering dinner to be delivered this evening so I can watch the USA v Argentina game and hope that the USA manages to pull off a monumental upset.