Dreamer’s World June 20 2016

I have been holding back on this blog post for over a week. I wanted to make certain that I was not going to write this strictly out of emotional response. The tragedy in Orlando at the Pulse Nightclub is something that should never have happened, but we don’t live in a perfect world. As we all know, we live in this world.

What would it take to make the world a better place? That is a question that has puzzled humanity throughout history. It should be painfully obvious to everyone by now that religion is NOT the answer. Religion serves the purpose of dividing people. I know that there are those from each particular religion that always say that if everyone just agreed with their interpretation, the problem would be solved. The sheer idiocy in that position doesn’t require any further discussion.

Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, and any other items on a long list of things are all designed to make us find others who do not fit in with a particular view of the world. This has led to the eternal conflicts and hatred that we witness every single day. Economic Inequality adds to this mix.

People who have been successful, mostly through the benefit of having been born in a particular place at a particular time, insist that they are not completely responsible for the welfare of their fellow humans. I once read an article written by a philosopher who said that there was a very fine line between pity and contempt. I hear that in practice every single day, and it saddens me. These are the people who will respond with compassion and caring when a crisis is brought to their attention, but their attention span can be measured in nanoseconds before they forget all about the issue. When it is brought up again, their response is that they have heard this before and if only people took better care of their own business that things like this wouldn’t happen to them. The level of insensitivity is stunning.

Back to the Orlando tragedy. Within minutes of the story breaking on the news, the media began constructing their storyline of international terrorism. The media does this because the media answers to the corporations and the wealthy portion of the 1% that controls them. Accuracy is not the most important thing that the media is after, it is ratings.

Once the media had shoved their narrative down our throats, most people just swallow and move on like the sheep that they have been programmed to be. It took a day or two for other items to come to our attention that didn’t quite fit the official narrative. Terrorism looks more and more like the proverbial red flag. The tragedy in Orlando is the story of a human being who suffered from a dysfunctional upbringing and his own confusion about his sexual identity. This is bad, but the impact that religion and society had on him makes the story so much worse.

Religion taught this man that LGBTQ people were evil and deserved nothing more than persecution and even death. Society provided plenty of fuel for that fire from multiple religions who proclaim the same thing. While only a handful of religious leaders would openly call for the violence that this man committed, there are certainly more than enough pardon the pun, closeted sympathizers out there who approved.

On top of this mess, let’s add how easy it was for this person to get possession of guns on our society here in America. America has a unique problem in that we have a portion of the population who believe that their right to unfettered access to guns essentially outweighs the safety of everyone in society. Not surprisingly, most of these people validate their belief through weird interpretation of their religion. As I reviewed social media over the past week, I was not surprised at all to find that most people who wanted to twist the story already had items such as “2A”, “Patriot”, “Christian”, and of course “Conservative” splattered all over their timelines. These same people were already screaming about “others”, whether that referred to President Obama, Democrats, Gays, or the ever elusive “Liberals” who were taking away their freedoms. The insanity of them not realizing that they are the ones actively trying to take freedom away from others indicates a true lack of thinking on their part. The pure hatred that these people spew out on a daily basis convinces me that they are not worth listening to.

My years of life have taught me that people who simply parrot talking points and respond to carefully selected external stimuli are worth less than the cost of the condom that would have prevented them in the first place.

And now we are faced with the sad prospect of once again failing to act as a society after another tragedy. Apparently, there are those with too much influence who profit from these things to prevent the will of the majority from being acknowledged. I am not really hopeful that anything major will be accomplished, just some cosmetic changes that are supposed to placate us until the next tragedy. Then we will have this same discussion all over again.