Dreamer’s World June 16 2016 – Friday Eve

Friday Eve is here at last! After today there is only Friday left until the weekend. This has been a week that I would truly like to forget, but that would defeat every purpose in Life. The tragedy in Orlando cannot be forgotten. We have a collective memory lapse when it comes to these things and it is destroying us. How many more times must we go through the national hand-wringing, the offering up of pointless and useless “prayers” before we realize that the only people who can ever fix the problem are ourselves?

I watched part of the filibuster in the Senate last night. It gave me some hope, but it did not convince me that things will get better. As I followed the filibuster trend on social media, the trolls were out in full force, resistant to any change that they fear would keep them from humping and sucking on their precious guns. These lunatics value their guns over the lives of those around them, which is ironic because that is often the rationalization they use for having guns, which they claim is to protect themselves.

Hypocrisy is so visible with these lunatics. While they claim to be some type of proto-Christian, their statements demonstrate they can barely comprehend what their supposed religion is supposed to be all about in the first place. I say once again that religion is a part of the problem that people face all over the world. Whether it is ISIS fanatics beheading people who don’t agree with them, or republiKKKan RWNJ lunatics deliberately voting against protection from discrimination for LGBT Americans, religion is the root cause of their hatred, everything else is a matter of degree.

I was really stunned when Senator Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin read through a partial list of mass shootings in America. I was floored when she mentioned one that happened 8 years ago in my hometown. Sadly, no one else remembered it because there is always the next one to occupy our attention.






We obviously have some fucked up priorities in this country when lunatics can have guns at the expense of other peoples’ lives. My hometown, which I have written so much about, is really a pimple on the ass of the world but it isn’t immune to gun violence. That is the real problem, anywhere, anytime, a lunatic with a gun can think they can solve their own fucked-up issues by killing other people and IT HAS TO STOP!

At least I have Hal the Cat to remind me of how precious life really is, and it is this fact that makes me fight so hard to protect it and to support gun control now. Hal the Cat really doesn’t understand how a post that started out to praise the upcoming weekend could turn into this. In a way I wish I could be that innocent and naive, but my own conscience won’t let me.

While I commend the filibuster, I want to see real results from it and not more speeches followed by inaction. I hope that social media will continue to keep the pressure on politicians in order to counter the toxic influence of NRA money. I also hope that this will remain a key issue in he November elections and that we will finally have some common-sense gun control at last.

In the meantime, I will try to get through today and tomorrow and enjoy the approaching weekend.

Dreamer’s World June 15 2016 – My short day is turning into a long one due to lack of sleep


Wednesdays are normally days that I look forward to. I travel to meet with the client in the morning, and due to that, my day starts earlier by 2 hours. Most Wednesdays I am looking forward to the short day, but not today. For whatever reason, I had a terrible time falling asleep last night and I am feeling the effects this afternoon. Even though I have just over an hour left until I can sign off and be done for the day, I am not sure how productive I will be until then.


Exhaustion has hit me like a load of bricks. I could barely stay awake through the conference calls after lunch.