Dreamer’s World June 13 2016 – Monday Observations







I am still numb this morning after the horror in Orlando this weekend. Words cannot accurately describe my range of emotions right now. I ust got a text from a friend locally who is almost unable to work today after what happened because he is so upset. Unfortunately, I am not the person who is willing to listen because this friend will never move forward. He is the type that will always for his inability to come to grip with life and what goes on.
I hate to sound callous, but after several instances of trying to help this person, it is obvious that I cannot help. The fact that he is a closeted Gay Man just adds to his inability to deal with things, and I have learned that he will never be able to come out to his family or coworkers. Until he can clear that hurdle there is really not much anyone can do. It seems rather cruel after a while to simply reinforce him rather than challenging him to move forward.
With that out of the way, I am going through the motions at work. My research project is moving along, but honestly, I am doing it with my eyes closed because I am so familiar with the subject. Hal (person) has also dealt with the Orlando tragedy in his own way. It is more personal for him becuase he was born and raised in Orlando. He left there many years ago, but he still has friends and family there. So far, he hasn’t known of anyone that was involved, let alone injured or killed, st that is a good thing.
I will make my way through the rest of the day and attend the conference calls as required until quitting time. After work, Hal (person) and I will make a trip to Costco and then return home for the rest of the evening.
I am deliberately keeping the TV off today because I am tired of the media endlessly exploiting the Orlando tragedy for ratings while doing absolutely nothing to help address the cause of the tragedy. All of the “discussion” about gun control should just be recorded and played after each mass shooting because there is never any acknowledgment that real change is needed.
With no indications that things will get better, all we can do is to protest things and try to change them for the better. It is only a matter of time until the same discussions are held all over again in response to the next tragedy. As long as there are republiKKKans in government, these tragedies will occur more often because republiKKKans refuse to deal with the issue of gun violence.
We need gun control in the USA and we need it NOW, before the next lunatic goes out and legally buys a gun and attacks innocent people!
I am sick and tired of all the ISIS bullshit as well. Regardless if the lunatic in Orlando followed themn, he bought the guns and ammo LEGALLY here in the US! That is a major problem that no politician wants to address and it infuriates me,