Dreamer’s World June 12 2016 – HOW MANY MORE MUST DIE?


I am sick to the core today. It all started around 0200 this morning. For some reason, I couldn’t go to sleep. I decided to occupy my time by starting a blog post on DC Pride and how I missed going. Life has brought other responsibilities to me, and I do what I have to do each day. I was writing about seeing friends if I had gone this weekend. After I wrote for awhile I went to bed.
When I woke up, Hal (person) had already left for work. My iPhone was beeping like a fire alarm as I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. I grabbed my iPhone and my heart broke when I saw news flashes about 50 people shot and killed in Orlando with more than 50 others hospitalized. It wasn’t immediately clear to me that this act of terrorism was directly related to Orlando Pride. I found that out a few minutes later, and the wave of nausea and complete revulsion set in.
I tried to watch the news, but is was soon clear that the expected tone from the corporate media was already set in place. This was going to be used to justify any number of positions except demonstrating that the USA needs effective gun control, and it is needed IMMEDIATELY!
I shut the TV off and went online. I saw the all-too-familiar “please pray” messages from the same liars and con artists who willingly accept money from the rel terrorists in America, the NRA. Prayers don’t accomplish shit for things like this. If they were effective we wouldn’t have Orlando or Virginia Tech or Columbine or Aurora. We wouldn’t have suffered through the tragedy at Sandy Hook where INNOCENT CHILDREN were massacred if prayer did a damn bit of good!
Actually, I gave up on the hopes that anything will ever get done to solve our gun problem after Sandy Hook. It became obvious to me at that point that too many Americans care more about their GODDAMN GUNS than they do about each other. We will see another mass shooting before too long, followed by another and another because too many people don’t care. That is why I feel so sick today.