Dreamer’s World June 04 2016 – Exhausted On A Saturday Morning

After a night in which I managed to not get totally wasted at the kitchen liquor cabinet, I was stunned to hear of the passing of Muhammad Ali. Yet another legend gone in 2016. Honestly, this year has been awful in terms of the great people that we have lost.
To make matters worse, around 0300 I woke up with an inspiration about a project I have at work. Naturally, I couldn’t get back to sleep until I got on the computer and wrote it all down. No, it wasn’t an alcohol-induced terrible idea that only seemed great at the time, it is a possible big leap in what we are working on. I will present it to my supervisor next week and see what she thinks about it.
So, this morning I finally wake up for the day and feel awful due to a lack of quality sleep. The weather is overcast, which suits my mood right now. Hal (person) is at work and won’t be home for a few more hours, so I am going to stay home and make lunch for myself and spend time with The Stooges. Normally, I want to get out and do something, but today feels different. Perhaps it is time that I listen to my inner voices and just forget about going anywhere for today.
At least my BG is well within the normal range this morning, so that is one less thing to concern me. I have to admit that I am pleased with my progress on controlling this. Now, I want to make more progress on losing some weight and getting into better shape. As with all grand goals, this will take some time to accomplish and trying to rush the results will get me nowhere very quickly.

As I sit here, waiting for more inspiration to strike and wondering if a nap will happen first, I realize how lucky I truly am.

As sad as news like the death of Muhammad Ali can make me feel, as depressed as a day of work wasted like yesterday can seem to me, I am still here. I am still writing. I am still surrounded by The Stooges and their unconditional love.