Dreamer’s World June 03 2016 -After A Day Like Today, I Need A Drink


I started today with a sense of foreboding. It was a bleeder from yesterday, when my laptop that was issued to me by the client. Every week, I take it to their location when I attend our weekly meeting. Wednesday was no exception and from all the signs, the required system updates had installed properly. Yesterday when I logged onto the machine from home, it failed miserably. I called the client’s IT department and we troubleshot the issue for hours without success. I was told that I needed to bring it back to the client’s office and connect it physically to the network in order to resolve the problem.
With that in mind, I got up this morning and went to the client’s office. I knew that I was losing valuable time that needed to be spent on other issues, but I rationalized that the updates were important (and they are) and that it wouldn’t take more than 2 hours. At the end of 8 hours at the location today, I gave up and returned home. I left the laptop with the client’s IT people so it could be connected to the network over the weekend in the hope that things would FINALLY be corrected.
I got almost nothing done today other than dialing in to meetings where I had to address the situation and let people know that my company tasks were on hold until the laptop issue was resolved. I cannot connect to all the company resources while I am at the client’s location due to client security policy. This also explains why I work remotely.
Now I face the unpleasant prospect of going back to the client’s office on Monday in the hope that the laptop will have finally updated correctly. I have to say that I am NOT confident about this. In the meantime, work will continue to pile up from the company and I will have to make arrangements to cover that starting Monday as well.
Honestly, as I sit here writing this, the cabinet where the adult beverages are stored is actually screaming at me. I predict that before the end of this evening that I will go and explore to see what all the fuss is about, in other words, I fully expect to be completely trashed by bedtime.
I certainly hope that the weekend will be pleasant. After a day like today, and the prospect of another day like this on Monday, I deserve a good weekend.