Dreamer’s World June 01 2016 – Another Month Gone By


I just updated the calendar today and found myself wondering where time has gone. Here we are, nearing the halfway point in 2016 and it seems like this year is flying past.
I know that time isn’t static, as The Doctor stated, it is more of a “Timey-Wimey Thing”. Our perception of time is based on how we feel about our lives at any given time. When things are going well, time seems to move quickly and we are left with a feeling that those times never seem to last. Conversely, when things are not going well, time seems to drag on indefinitely with no signs of ever passing.
I have been through both of those scenarios. In fact I spent many years feeling that time was not moving at all as I struggled with financial problems. It wasn’t until after I had things under control and was able to really see progress that time seemed to start moving again.
It was during that time that I mastered the art of perspective. I began to look at my situation at the beginning of each month. I had up-to-date spreadsheets and plans that were supposed to document my progress as I recovered financially. I found that goals were not always met, but I was able to see a real trend that things were getting better. Even then, it took many months to really see things getting better. The main point is that I took charge of the things that were bothering me when I was in trouble and was able to overcome those obstacles.
Obviously, two things that are clearly tied to that negative perception of time are depression and anxiety. This is extremely dangerous because those feelings lead to paralysis and a lack of action. They are so emotionally exhausting and physically damaging that we grow tired of the struggle. I learned through experience that nothing changes until I decided that I would change it.
Now that things are much better, time seems to pass much more quickly. The depression and anxiety are no longer present as they were in the past. I know now that when those feelings do start to grow that it is time for me to attack again against whatever is bothering me.
Obviously, I prefer the feeling that time is flying by rather than the alternative. I feel for those who are in the opposite situation, and I hope that this post can go some small way towards helping them realize that there is a way out. We can overcome anything if we put our minds to it, but it will often be painful and never instantaneous.

Dreamer’s World May 31 2016

Today is the day that I return to work after the 3-day weekend. As always, I feel that somehow, the long weekend wasn’t really that long at all. The fact that meetings are piled on top of each other today just amplifies the feeling.
     Hal The Cat has his own way of dealing with my issue of going back to work this morning.

I wish I could spend my days like that.

Stevie Nicks showed up for her picture while Hal the Cat was on a break to eat. Hal the Cat returned and is back to normal.
After the day at work, I want to complete my 16k steps, get to the pharmacy and grocery store, and also get some practice time in on the guitar this evening. It will keep me busy to say the least, but I will always fondly remember how Hal the Cat spent his day, and how he kept me company.