Dreamer’s World April 16 2016 -The Quiet Time

Quiet TIme

There are times when I crave nothing more than quiet. I long for those times when my mind is by far the loudest thing in my world, and it is not competing with countless other daily distractions for attention. These are the times when Inspiration seems to come naturally.

I found this image using Google and it seemed to fit perfectly with my mood right now. I don’t like all of the quasi-religious nonsense and quotes that accompany so many beautiful images that portray quiet times. I find them annoying because I am not religious. I do appreciate the Spirituality of moments like these, but only in the sense that it allows me to have greater access to myself, and not because there is any outside force involved in this.

Quiet Time for me is special because I am at peace. To reach the point where one willingly wants nothing but quiet is a sign that life has intruded to such a degree that we need a break. All of the daily annoyances that never seem to end can make us miserable if we let them. When we finally reach the point where we understand that we NEED the Quiet Time, then we are at last in touch with ourselves.

It takes a conscious decision to invoke the Quiet Time. The distractions that scream for our attention will still be there once we have enjoyed this time to ourselves. The problems that we are trained to believe we run away from will not really change if we take 15 minutes or so and just tune the world out.

If our modern world has one major drawback, it is the intrusion of technology into the very essence of our being. It is so easy to always have our cell phone with us. We respond like Pavlov’s dogs when the alerts sound, or the vibration goes off. Honestly, think of the times that we ourselves will glance at our devices just to reassure ourselves that they are working properly if we do not receive that external stimulation as expected.

We are slaves to far too many things in this life. Why should we knowingly give up the one thing that we have that is truly ours, and that is our time? If we let others make these decisions for us, then we deserve whatever unhappiness that choice brings our way. I am being this harsh because only you can surrender your time to the world. Only you can make that decision, no matter what everyone tries to tell you.



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