Dreamer’s World March 31 2016




This week has been extremely busy, but in a good way. I never even had the chance to start a blog post yesterday, so I hope that I can at least make this one somewhat interesting by the end of the day.




Things at work should quiet down considerably. The tsunami of meetings is over with for a while, and I can finally get back to taking care of my own job at last. By the end of this workday, I will be really looking forward to the weekend and some much-needed down time.




The morning has consisted of making sure that my presentation is ready to go, and then making sure that the slides are sent to the right people in advance. I will be glad to get the presentation taken care of today. I slept well last night, but I don’t feel 100% this morning. I hope that the day will take a turn for the much slower after my presentation.




There is a retirement ceremony today for one of the client’s senior members that I cannot attend dye to my schedule. His lunch and ceremony will take place while I am giving my presentation. I hope that it all goes well. I took the time to have lunch with him recently since I cannot attend the ceremony, and I know that he appreciated it. This gets me off the hook for being a “team player”.




I completed my presentation and I am now preparing for lunch as the afternoon approaches. There are more meetings to dial into while I continue to get my normal work done here during the afternoon, but I should be left alone for the most part.




My prediction has come true. I have had a quiet afternoon and am caught up with things here at work. Now I want to quietly morph into the evening without interruption.




Now that work is over with, and I am settling down for the night, I can think about whether or not to cook the steaks that I began marinating or waiting to cook them tomorrow. Right now, tomorrow is looking like the winner. I want to relax this evening. We have food here for tonight so that is no problem at all. Hal (person) has really gotten into the VR thing with his Samsung phone. I don’t really think it is that interesting, but that is my own opinion. Right now Hal (person) is talking to people there and I am writing and unwinding for the night. I will take another walk or two this evening to get my 16,000 steps in before it gets too late around here. This will be a more pleasant after the trees finish with their damned pollination process for the Spring because my allergies are really bugging me right now.

Amnesty International urges Obama to pressure Turkey to stop slaughter of Kurds – ARA News

ARA News  ERBIL – Amnesty International called on the US President Barack Obama to urge Turkey to end the onslaught against Kurds, and the continued repressive security operations in east and southeast Turkey with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who arrived in United States this week. “The Turkish government’s onslaught on primarily Kurdish towns and neighborhoods, […]

Source: Amnesty International urges Obama to pressure Turkey to stop slaughter of Kurds – ARA News

Republicans lied in Wisconsin: Here’s how you know the state’s voter ID law is a complete sham

The Fifth Column

Republicans lied in Wisconsin: Here's how you know the state's voter ID law is a complete sham

REUTERS/Yuri Gripas – RTR4NN60(Credit: Reuters)


No rule in politics is absolute, but, generally speaking, you’d be well served to keep this one in mind: If a politician is not willing to spend money on something they say they support, then their support is about as real as Santa Claus.

Unless you view politics as nothing more than an entertaining pastime for overeducated squares who weren’t cute enough to make it in Hollywood — i.e., you actually look forward to “nerd prom,” God help you — then the point of the whole endeavor is to get big things done.

And getting big things done not only requires money but, perhaps more importantly, requires conflict. This is often because someone’s going to have to pony up, I’ll admit. But that’s not always the case; and sometimes the rejection involves turning down money, too. (See: the Affordable Care Act’s

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Good news in the case of Syrian refugee M.K.

Human Rights in Turkey

Today we’ve received some very good news regarding Syrian refugee M.K., who had been arbitrarily detained at Istanbul’s Sabiha Gökçen airport since 9 November 2015.

He was released on 29 March. He is required to go to the central Anatolian province of Aksaray to await a decision on his international protection application. He will not be detained while awaiting the decision.

We have been following his case for months now.  Thank you to all the activists who lent their support in gaining his release

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