Dreamer’s World March 27 2016 – The Best Laid Plans


Today was supposed to be a day out with Hal (person) since he has today off from work. We planned to go into DC to see the Cherry Blossoms and get some pictures. Unfortunately, the day will be cool and overcast with rain starting so the decision was made to scrap those plans for today. Hopefully, we will think of something else to do to get us out, but nothing has developed yet. Everyplace is closed for the holiday, or restaurants that are open are charging extortionist prices for “special” meals for today. Perhaps it is just in the cards that we will spend the day here at home today after all, but I haven’t given up hope just yet.
     I slept well last night in preparation for today, but I must have slept stretched in an odd position, because I am in some major discomfort right now. My back is killing me. I don’t want to ask Hal (person) for a massage because it is his day off so I will OD on Aleve until I feel better. If we do get out, I am sure that waking will help but I honestly cannot find the motivation to walk right now.
     As the afternoon arrives, it looks more than ever like we will just stay here for the rest of the day. There has been a heavy mist, not quite rain, that has fallen from time to time so the weather forecast was accurate. I have been stretching my back and feel a little better right now but my neck remains really sore. The idea of laying down holds no appeal because I am afraid that I will just end up hurting myself even more if I fall sleep. I will take a nice long hot shower in a while to try to relax my back and neck muscles as much as possible.
     As I sit here and type, I have some music playing softly in the background to ease the stress. It always helps me out when I write to listen to some soothing music, in this case, classical music. I can see our favorite local restaurant across the street is not really packed, but I attribute that to the outrageous prices they want for Easter brunch. Our money is too valuable for that, and we have things to eat right here at home.
     I am getting some reading done in addition to this writing. The latest book that I am reading is called “Be Remarkable” by Patrick King. This is a book designed to make one look inward and figure out why things don’t always go the way we want them to. It teaches me to look more closely at myself and how to take the steps necessary in order to be happier and more successful with home and work and life in general. I am truly enjoying this book and I am making notes to help me out as a quick reference when I need them.
     In fact, one of the things that the book has taught me is to better organize things. I just took some time to finally get my desktop in order. I have removed all of the clutter and I am amazed at how much neater things are and at how much more room I have to work from now. I used an old shelf to place my iMac on, and now I have room for necessities underneath of the shelf rather than having them pile up around the desktop. This includes a place to put my keyboard and trackpad away to have a clear surface for anything else that I need.
     The main lesson I have picked up on so far is to “Think Before I Really Think”. This sounds tricky, but it involves taking a few seconds to analyze things before reaching a conclusion. Haste generally results in poor decision-making, and things said in haste to others is normally nothing productive, it is all reactive and that never helps to move things along, in fact, it causes more problems down the road after that pattern becomes established. This is the most valuable lesson I have picked up so far. 
     The afternoon is slowly starting to fade into evening here. I will hope that at least one of the local restaurants is open without ridiculously overpriced holiday meals. If that isn’t the case, Hal (person) and I will just spend the evening here at home. 

Dreamer’s World March 26 2016





Today is a day for me to rest and relax and do things that I have wanted to all week long. I busted my ass all week on the job and I am nearly at the end of my rope right now. I know that all of my efforts aren’t in vain, but there are times when the end game just seems so far away from me that I start to work too hard and think that will get me there quicker. This is always a dangerous time for me. It generally means that I truly need some time off work and away from the everyday routine.
There was some pleasant news last night. I reconnected with a girl I grew up with. We went to school together but it has been years since we spoke to one another. After some initial texting through FaceBook messenger, she called me. I am glad to report that we spoke for over an hour, and I know how much better I felt afterwards, I hope that the feeling was mutual on her part.
I have decided that the 16,000 steps are not happening today. I spent the afternoon being quiet here at home until Hal (person) arrived after work. We are ordering pizza for the evening and are staying right here. Since Hal (person) has tomorrow off work, we will get out then. I am content with my decision to take a day away from everything that I normally deal with because I need the time for recovery and relaxation more than anything else right now.
Hal the Cat is relaxing next to me as I write this. He is perfectly content with his life and I need to follow that example more often with my own life. There are plenty of opportunities to do everything, but very few in which we can just live.

As evening settles in and we have had our pizza for dinner, I am growing very tired. We were listening to some Jazz until Hal’s brother called him. As Hal (person) went to the other room to take the call, I decided to write some more before I get too tired to go on. I am going to take a nice hot shower in a few minutes and will probably end up in bed very early tonight. I want to feel totally rested for tomorrow since Hal (person) and I will have the entire day together at last!