Dreamer’s World March 5 2016 – Fascinating Image


 Yesterday started out with snow falling here in the DC area. This is supposed to be the last real gasp of Winter, and I certainly hope that is the case. As the morning went on, the snow melted away and the clouds slowly began to break up. Although the temperature was rather chilly, it turned into a nice day.
     As I stepped outside to smoke a cigarette, I was startled to see the following image. I quickly grabbed my iPhone and took the picture.
There is nothing extraordinary about this. I just saw the shaft of light piercing the clouds and thought it made an unusual picture. Those who are religious (I am NOT) will see one meaning behind this whereas I could just as easily see the aliens firing their death ray from behind the clouds. I wish that the picture was a bit more distinct, but it was taken in a hurry before the light changed and the shaft of light was lost.
     It says a lot about us when we take the time to notice extraordinary things that happen around us all of the time. I am proud that I took the time to get the picture rather than trying to describe it in detail to someone later without visual proof. There is nothing earth-shattering about this photo, but I like it. I find joy in the most mundane of things at times because I try to take the time to see the beauty of what is around me. I cannot keep that frame of mind all of the time, and that is a shame. When I do feel myself pulled into the appreciation mode, I go without hesitation because I am seldom disappointed when I do.

Zaman newspaper taken over as Turkish government steamrolls press freedom | Amnesty International USA

Today’s government takeover of Zaman newspaper is the latest deeply troubling episode of the Turkish authorities’ ongoing onslaught on dissenting media, Amnesty International said today.

Source: Zaman newspaper taken over as Turkish government steamrolls press freedom | Amnesty International USA