Dreamer’s World March 5 2016 – Technology Dilemma

The week is over with at last. It has been much busier than I expected, but in a good way. I received a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 from my company as a replacement for my old laptop and I am extremely pleased with how it performs. Although I am an Apple fan, I can still appreciate a nice machine like the SP4, and it does give me reason to wonder why Apple chose to go with the iPad Pro design rather than an attempt to duplicate the iMac in a more portable version like the SP4.
Perhaps that is the next thing that Apple will work on. When I compare the SP4 to the iPad Pro, I must admit that the SP4 is the better alternative right now. The pricing is better to have something that is actually a real computer rather than an enlarged iPad. Perhaps if Apple were to introduce something like the SP4, that includes full OS X rather than iOS it would even the playing field. I feel as if Apple missed the boat on this so far by producing nothing more than an extremely large iPad. Right now, the only advantage the iPad Pro has over the SP4 is LTE connectivity.
Form factor is something that is important, but not a deal breaker for me. The iPad Pro is definitely the nicer alternative when it comes to the device itself, it is slim whereas the SP4 feels rather buy, but this is because the SP4 packs most of the features of a desktop into a small package. Once again, it seems that Apple has misread things about this aspect of portable computing. I would accept a bulkier iPad Pro if it duplicated my iMac rather than just being an extremely large iPad.
The SP4 handles well, I love the backlit keyboard and the stability that the kickstand offers. The keyboard for the SP4 is wonderful and honestly I have not seen or tried the keyboard for the iPad Pro because I haven’t been to an Apple store recently. I cannot understand why Apple neglected to include a trackpad with their iPad Pro keyboard cover.
Another nice feature is not just the stylus for the SP4, but the fact that it mounts to the side of the unit magnetically, whereas the stylus for the iPad Pro apparently has no way to attach for storage, and apparently there is no way to attach it to the keyboard either. To me, this is a serious flaw with the packaging of the iPad Pro.
Having said all that, I still prefer the Apple OS, whether it is OS X or iOS, over Windows. That factor alone is the main reason that I would not immediately purchase an SP4 for myselfI have to use Windows at work, but I don’t want to use it for my own personal equipment, at least not yet. I have invested so much into Apple through the years that I really don’t want to have to change things now.
I am sure that I will be watching the new MacBook series that is supposed to be released sometime this Spring. That would definitely have my attention. Until then, I am happy with the iMac and the Chromebook. My iPad isn’t a real blogging tool due to the lack of a keyboard that doesn’t triple the weight and bulkiness of the iPad. I usually keep looking for something nice for the iPad, and if Apple was smart they would introduce a line of keyboard covers for their entire line of iPads.
I seriously doubt that any of these things will happen in the near future. Until then, I am happy with my iMac and my Chromebook to get me through the day here when I am not at work. I would rather have the money in my pocket than flowing out for something that isn’t really necessary right now.