Dreamer’s World February 23 2016 – Tuesday

For some reason. I can never quite figure out Tuesdays. We are all glad that it is no longer Monday, but once the novelty of that wears off, what does Tuesday have to offer us? It certainly seems rather uninspiring, but at least Tuesday doesn’t generate the fear and loathing and hatred that Monday stirs in everyone.
At times I think that even the name “Tuesday” is indicative of some evil malicious nature associated with this day. Tuesday can at times be a continuation of Monday, while at other times it beckons us with the promise of Wednesday and the halfway point in the week. As I am trying to get my company laptop started this TUESDAY morning, I am tempted to agree with the former choice. I know that in reality the day has nothing to do with the old laptop, but is does make a convenient scapegoat.
It is rainy this morning, but that is not necessarily Tuesday’s fault. I suppose that Tuesday is just the day that will never get any credit for being anything special.
Eventually I had to call tech support about my company laptop. Still no timeframe on when I will get the new machine, although this morning’s adventure should help to push things along. I am an optimist.
The day is moving along. I am taking part in what should be the last meeting of the day. I will be glad to finish Tuesday this time around and move on to Wednesday.