Dreamer’s World February 22 2016 – To Be Happy

One of the hardest lessons we have to learn in this life is how to be happy. Being happy is a choice that we all have to make for ourselves, no one else can ever make us happy without our choosing to be happy first.
This isn’t an easy thing to do. The world seems intent on not allowing us to be happy. The pressures of everyday life can be overwhelming at times, and so many of us react by throwing ourselves deeper down the well in search of relief rather than just stepping away from the edge and re-evaluating our lives. That feeling of impending doom is a warning to us, when we ignore it we have willingly chosen to deprive ourselves of happiness.
Remember that each one of us is special and unique. We can never be replaced. We deserve to be happy and to let others around us see that happiness as an inspiration to them. When I tell friends this theory, they look at me like I have lost my damned mind, but that is because they fail to see the truth in it from their inner perspective. They look at this as the world tells them to and this won’t give them the happiness they seek. You cannot buy happiness, as the old saying goes and it is very true. Only you can choose to be happy within yourself first. After that choice is made, it is amazing how much easier it is to deal with the world, and it is also amazing how people respond to you after you make that choice.
Being happy isn’t some mystic roll of the dice. It is a choice that each of us has to make.

Dreamer’s World – Why I Support Bernie Sanders

 I get asked by people all the time why I plan to vote for Bernie Sanders. While some of the questions are innocent, I get plenty of these questions from people who support Hillary Clinton and most of the time my answer provokes instant arguments from her supporters. Just the fact that I believe Bernie is the best candidate seems to enrage them. So be it because I have no plans to change my mind. 

     There are several reasons I do not think Clinton is the best choice. First among these is the imperial arrogance that she and her supporters exude all of the time. The last time I checked, being a former First Lady was not an instant qualification for President. She has also been a Senator but I personally do not think that her record stacks up well against Bernie. She was also Secretary of State, which is an important position, but again even the combination of these jobs does NOT give her the RIGHT to become President. 

     There is also the manner in which she chooses to run her campaign. As in 2008, her arrogance casts a shadow over her. While she wants her mouthpieces to attack Bernie for questioning President Obama, she conveniently neglects to mention her attacks on Obama in 2008. Am I the only person who remembers the “electability” issue that she dredged up over and over again? At times I think that I must be, because her mouthpieces are already making the same attack against Bernie. 
     Another aspect I do not like is the way that she chooses to hide behind her gender when it suits her. She can genuinely proclaim that she seeks to be the first female Preaident, but she is also a manipulative politician with no qualms about trying to get her way. The “electability” issue is just one example of this. She chooses the people around her with more concern about their personal loyalty than their genuine interest in what is best for the country. I say this because too many of her supporters seem to be just on the edge of attack mode all of the time when it comes to any challenger. The more politically dangerous the challenge, the more vicious her supporters become. 
     In their world, Clinton cannot be held to answer questions that are not carefully scripted for her. Any rumor, let alone potential proof of impropriety on her part and I am reminded of Mr. Burns telling Smithers to “release the hounds”. 
     Of course, this is always turned upside-down and inside-out by Clinton supporters when they attack Bernie. Between their inherited arrogance and their own desire to totally disrupt the Sanders campaign, they are some very bitter people. 
     Speaking of campaigning, why is it that Clinton always takes ideas that Bernie has espoused? Could it be that people are tired of politicians like her lying to us? From free college to health care to income inequality, Clinton has parroted ideas that were first introduced into this presidential campaign by Bernie. This doesn’t seem very much like leadership to me. 
     I am bombarded with people telling me to give up because Bernie cannot win. I remember the same types of rungs being said when I supported Barack Obama in 2008. I hope that the outcome for Clinton will be the same this year as it was in 2008, and that we will be talking about President Sanders at this time next year. 

Dreamer’s World February 21 2016 – Taking Things Slowly


As I get the day started here, I am fiddling around with several writing tools. One of these is BlogPadPro, an app made for the iPad. It is very promising, but I will keep researching it to see if it meets my needs since I publish to both WP and Blogger.
     I am still using Evernote as my composition tool, and then using Blogo to post the entries to both WP and Blogger. The hang-up here is that the latest version of Blogo seems to have a bug that prevents images being transferred from Evernote to the blog posts. This means that right now I am cutting and pasting once again, which is rather annoying.
     Blogo is promising an app for iOS in the near future. The company has always been extremely helpful and responsive, and I hope that the image transfer problem can be resolved for both the desktop and the future iOS versions. Blogo is my preferred tool to get things from Evernote to my blogs, and I hope to keep it.
     The warm weather remains today, although it is very overcast and gloomy outside right now. I am pondering brunch, but there is no decision yet. I initially made plans to go tech-shopping but that was a few days ago and I really don’t want to struggle with temptation right now. I just got the Beetle taken care of and there is one other cosmetic thing that I want done to it while I have the money. I will try to get the Beetle to the auto upholstery shop this next week to get that repair done. Once those things are complete. then I can think whether or not I have enough money left over that I can use some of it on a tech toy for myself.
     I am taking a break from the 15,000 step goal for today. I have earned a break and want some time to relax rather than spend time counting steps once again. I deserve time off once in a while.
     Since so much has happened this weekend already, I have yet to venture out of the apartment and it is nearly 1400. I don’t feel deprived or ashamed at all about this. The TV is OFF and will remain that way until Hal (person) gets home and turns it on himself. I have no use for it since I treasure the silence for myself. I just spent 15 wonderful minutes with Stevie Nicks resting on my lap and that time was priceless without any noise to distract me or her.
     Out of habit, I am already focusing my attention on what has to be done tomorrow at work. I won’t do anything more than draw up a plan involving what needs to be done and then attacking that tomorrow morning when I start work. I find that it always pays to stay ahead of the game as much as possible.
     The rain has started. There are times when I actually like a dark day with everything quiet so I can concentrate on writing more. I have a little while before Hal (person) gets home from his job, but I don’t mind that breaking the silence at all.