Dreamer’s World February 20-21 2016


I don’t like spending Saturday morning at the dealership to get my Beetle serviced, but it has to be done. My state inspection is expiring at the end of this month and there is no way I need to get caught violating that. In addition, there is the much-dreaded 90k mile maintenance package that has to be done. Because of a scheduling conflict with Hal (person) I was unable to drop the Beetle off and pick it up later, so I am stuck here in the waiting room. 
     I will take a few walks around the lot to get my steps in while I am here. All the while I’ll be dodging the salespeople and their attempts to make me trade in the Beetle for something else. The Beetle is PAID FOR and I don’t want a car payment weighing on me each month. Just let this place sick me for the money on the Beetle and I’ll be on my way. I don’t have any idea when I would even consider trading the Beetle because it has been the best car I have ever had. 
     The waiting, as Tom Petty sang, is the hardest part of this morning. The waiting room is filled with people who show zero interest in communicating with each other as they wait for what they hope will be good news on their vehicles, just like me. The TV is on, as much to prevent conversation as anything else. I despise TV just about all of the time so it annoys me. Another reason to take a walk around outside as far as I’m concerned. 
     Of course, there is always something extra when the service technicians arrive with the preliminary results. This time the extra is that I need a new battery. Honestly I’m not going to bitch about that because the battery is at least 5 years old so I think I’m getting off lightly this morning. Everything else checks out OK, the safety inspection is complete and the oils change is always complimentary since I got the Beetle here in the first place. Now I am waiting for the Beetle to be ready and to pay the bill and head home. I am thankful that I can pay the bill without any real pain because I have maintained money for things like this. There have been plenty of times in the past where I would have been sweating how to pay for things that happened. 
     I will say that I am happy with the speed of this service visit. I came here expecting to be bored for at least 2 hours but it looks like things will be done in just over an hour. The cost of today’s visit was more than I hoped for, but much less than I feared, so overall I am happy to have it done and over with.
    I am back home now and deciding what to do for lunch. There is no rush about this since I managed to get breakfast before I left for the VW dealership this morning. I am tempted to go to brunch at Shooter McGee’s, but I haven’t fully convinced myself just yet. There will be plenty of time for that as the morning morphs into the afternoon. Hal (person) is at work and won’t be home for a few more hours. The temptation to go tech-shopping is strong and that is another reason I don’t feel the necessity to leave the apartment right now. I was fortunate enough to have the money to pay for the Beetle this morning, but that doesn’t mean that I should run out and spend more money just because the one expense is behind me. There are always a few things that are more necessary to take care of first before going tech-shopping, especially when I have the money to get them done. I think the best thing to do is to relax for a while and regroup my thoughts before making any rash decisions.
     I have managed to make lunch here at home rather than go out. I’m still waiting for Hal (person) to get home from work, but since it is already 1330 he should be home in about 90 minutes or so. Perhaps we will get out later this afternoon if he feels like it. Personally, I do want to go somewhere for a change, but I wasn’t the one who worked today.
    There was one thing that happened yesterday that delayed this post. I heard through FaceBook that my cousin’s husband suffered a heart attack and was in the hospital. He is recovering, thankfully, and with continued progress he will be allowed to go home on Tuesday. I have reached out to my 2nd cousins about their father and I am pleased that this seems to have brought us together although I wish it were under different circumstances. I just heard Sunday morning that Ron continues to improve and that the schedule for his treatment is on track. The doctors have removed the balloon pump and he seems to be responding very well. 
    It is sad that it takes tragedy of bad fortune to bring people back together again. I hope that the beginnings of communication will continue.

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