Dreamer’s World February 18 2016 – Changes


Today is the most hectic day I have had in some time. It seems like every single thing that I needed to do this morning at work failed miserably, either with or without a reasonable explanation as to why it happened. I went through the initial phase of frustration and some anger, but when I walked away for a minute I realized that this was the first time this had happened in longer than I can remember. It was at this point that things came into perspective for me. I have been on an incredibly lucky streak with work, but things were bound to go awry at some point and that point was today.
     It was at this time that I was in the living room and I noticed the way the sunlight was on plants that are on the small bookshelf.
    I love the way that the light made things just irresistible, and I grabbed the iPhone to get the picture so I would not lose the image forever. There is nothing that I can point out in particular about the picture that enchants me, it is just the overall look and the way the light makes everything much more interesting.
     That realization made me feel much better. I can handle what happened and still succeed. Letting one day ruin itself would be incredibly stupid and wasteful for me. My Type B kicked back in and I am at peace with things at last.
     The real change that I wanted to address involves this blog. It still serves mainly as a personal journal, and that will not change. What I have realized is how much more powerful this blog can be if I expand the scope by including articles that interest me. When I come across a story that I feel strongly about I can post it and make a comment if applicable.
     In the past, I shied away from doing this because I felt that it was lazy while at the same time wishing that I was able to take the time to write things like that myself. I now know that this is unrealistic. This blog exists to exchange ideas and if I get them from somewhere else, as long as I make certain to credit the originator, I am fine with that. I will learn more as I go about the proper way to make comments as I share these articles, but life is all about learning new things and becoming a better person.
     The blog remains a work in progress. I appreciate everyone who take the time to read my posts. I hope that they are entertaining and interesting and informative. I am going to end this post for today. I might post something else later this evening.