Dreamer’s World February 8 2016 – Perspective


There are times when we all need to take a step back from the daily grind and take a good long look at ourselves and our lives. With so much information available to us at any given time, we can far too easily become inundated and lose focus on the truly important things in life. The little spontaneous joyful moments that really make life worth living need to be celebrated as often as possible.
     I have been deep into work today preparing for afternoon meetings that are important at first glance. Then I realize that this is the same pattern that every Monday follows. There is never any variation from this routine, and it makes me rather frustrated at times. It is simply the checking of the boxes as we go through the day, something to allegedly justify our existence as part of a larger group. The problem is that by conforming to this in any way other than the essential minimum simply makes us nothing more than cogs in the machine.
     We all know what happens to a cog that is worn out. The wheel comes to a temporary stop, but only long enough for a new cog to be put in place of the old one before the wheel starts up all over again. I don’t want to love my life like that, I am unique and valuable and that makes me irreplaceable rather than just another brick in the wall.
     I love my job, but there are times when I grow weary of the repetition involved with meeting after meeting. Today, I took a quick break to stretch and happened to pass the laundry room here in the apartment. I looked up and saw Hal (cat) snuggled up in the dryer after Hal (person) had removed a load of clothes. I immediately went back for my phone in order to get a picture, but of course when I got back, Hal (cat) was already on his way out of the dryer.
There is no great cosmic meaning to this, that isn’t the point anyway. What I am saying is that seeing this innocent event made me realize how fortunate I am. I am fortunate enough to work from home and not miss a moment like this. While I am sure that Hal (person) would have told me about it if I worked in an office, it would not have held the same charm as seeing it for myself.
     The important thing that I realized while watching all of this was that Hal (cat) has been with us for 2 months now, ever since we had to put Maxwell to sleep. Hal (cat) was a 2-year old stray that had been brought to the local animal shelter and was looking for a home. The adjustment that he went through must have been a real shock to him. He no longer had to scrounge for something to eat, he no longer had to fear people approaching him, he no longer had to worry about finding shelter from the weather. It was a moment when all of these important things came into laser-shape focus for me. That was what made the moment so special.
     I admit that there have been points in my life where I would have ignored a moment like this without a second thought until much later when my mind would struggle to reconstruct that moment, the moment that made me smile. I am so glad that I have managed to come to terms with the balance between work and life so that I never knowingly ignore these precious moments again.
     Little things like this are what life is all about. Don’t forget to cherish each of the things that really make life worth living. Don’t lose your childlike wonder, or your inner curiosity. Use moments like this to bring you truly back to reality. There is always something deeper to see if you take the time to look for it.

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