Dreamer’s World February 8 2016 – More Winter


     Since the winter storm in late January, we have had some really decent weather around here. Almost all of the snow has melted away, what remains are the piles that were plowed during the storm. Now it looks like we are about to get another round of winter weather. The emergency notification app on my iPhone went off at lunchtime advising me that a Winter Weather Advisory scheduled to go into effect at midnight had been canceled and replaced with a WINTER STORM WARNING along with the forecast of 4”-8” of snow beginning tonight around midnight and lasting through tomorrow evening. At the very least, Hal (person) and I will be going to Harris Teeter right after I finish work today to get the things that we need for meals. This isn’t a panic trip, we were going to go anyway but we will probably get a few more items than we had planned to due to the change in the forecast.
     An old saying in the DC area is that if we can get past President’s Day weekend, we have seen the worst of winter. It seems that every year around President’s Day weekend, we end up with some big storm so I suppose there is some validity to the old saying after all. It does make us all wish that Spring would hurry up and arrive so we can be through with the mess for another year.

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