Dreamer’s World February 5 2016 – Friday At Last


The last two days have been a blur around here. I managed to get Hal (person) off on his trip to Philadelphia yesterday and then I completed my day at work. After that, I was busy cleaning and scrubbing out the shower and doing laundry. Today was a short day because I am going to Happy Hour with the local team members form the company. I only have one meeting that I will take part in before leaving for the event and once that is over with, I am coming home and will be here for the evening. I will make sure that I meet my step goal for today and will probably take care of a good part of that while I am out this afternoon. Part of me wants to stop at Best Buy, but that probably isn’t the smartest idea after having a beer or two. I will walk things off without spending any money, at least that is my plan right now.
    The workday passed without incident. I went to the gathering for Happy Hour and had a good time. We didn’t talk a lot about work, more about what was going on with each of us, and surprisingly about music. Afterwards, I did walk through the mall, but I didn’t pick up anything. I made certain to stay away from Best Buy across the street, just to be safe and then I came home.
    The evening has been very quiet. I made my 15,000 step goal for today before 1900 and settled down and watched a little TV before it bored me and I turned it off after less than 1 hour. The Stooges are all around me in various stages of sleep, and I am sure that I will join them before it gets late tonight.
    I truly enjoy quiet times like this. They are rare and should be cherished. As I mentioned, TV bores me very easily and I am happier without it, even as a background noise it is disruptive as far as I am concerned. I hope that Hal (person) is having a passable time in Philadelphia given the circumstances that required him being there. I am sure that he will call later this evening, and we will talk for a few minutes before he goes to bed.
    Tomorrow is a day without any plans. I am tempted to go out, but I have absolutely no idea where I would go or what I would do. If the weather is nice, I will just take a nice long walk around the neighborhood to pass the time. I will also do more laundry and make sure that the apartment is clean. I am amazed sometimes at how quiet I prefer my life to be. In years past, I would have been out the door just to find something to do. Now I am more content with quiet times and no surprises. I suppose I am getting old after all.
    I remember the days before I met Hal. I would not stay at home unless I was actually sick. I can look back on those days now and realize that I was running away from things to a degree. I truly wasn’t happy, and always being out helped me to mask that. I am very happy now and I don’t feel any need to just be out to be out when I enjoy being here.
    When I met Hal, we went out all the time. I could drink everyone under the table and not feel aftereffects at all. I cut way back on drinking as Hal and I spent more time together. He never said a word, I just knew that I had found the person I was supposed to be with and there was no more need to numb myself from the pain I had gone through. If nothing else proves that we are supposed to be together, then that does all by itself.
    Occasionally, I still think that it would be nice to go out, but then I almost subconsciously remember the reasons I did so in the past. That always convinces me that I make the right choice by playing things safe. I have too much to lose now, I didn’t before.
    The Stooges and I all miss Hal (person) right now. But we also know that he will be back on Sunday evening. That thought makes all of us very happy.

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