Dreamer’s World February 2 2016 – The Day Officially Begins


After the mostly sleepless night, I am trying to prepare myself for the day at work. The strange thing is that some of what I wrote while struggling to stay awake has already generated plenty of comments and responses from my readers. I sincerely hope that sleepless nights are NOT a prerequisite for writing good and interesting blog posts!
     Honestly, I don’t mind the interest at all. It makes me feel good about my writing. I will try to put some more interesting posts together at what passes as normal times of the day from now on and we will all see what happens.
     I have survived for half of the workday. I should be able to make it through until quitting time, but it won’t be fun. As the afternoon slowly creeps by, I am done with the things that required my attention at work and now I am really feeling the exhaustion. Still got a few hours left before I can run away to take a nice hot shower and then perhaps a nap. I am tempted to order dinner this evening, but that remains to be seen.
     Work is over with for today. Tomorrow will be my early day so I hope to get some quality sleep tonight. I am going to watch the UK game this evening and go to bed immediately afterwards.

Dreamer’s World February 2 2016 – Instant Karma

I came across this topic while reading a post from someone I truly admire for her writing skills. I decided to take a shot at it. The premise is quite simple. Choose lyrics from a song that you can connect to:

This Is Your Song

The song I chose if “Instant Karma” from John Lennon. There is a verse that always strikes a chord within me (pardon the pun), but the words are powerful and insightful and inspirational to me.

“Why in the world are we here
Surely not to live in pain and fear”

Why, indeed are we here? I believe that we are all here to make a difference in each others’ lives. There is more to Life than the materialistic rat-race, there is a human side to us all. A human side that longs for companionship and love. It yearns to care for another person, to make our shared experience better in any way that we can.

We are NOT here to live only as cogs in the machine. Pain is a necessary part of Life, but it not the part which should dictate our actions, or make us afraid to be ourselves. There are people who want to keep us separated, alone and without hope. Those are the people that Life is in opposition to. Those who want to keep us afraid and hurt are the ones who need this message the most, but we can never allow the message to get lost in the noise of living. If they cannot accept it, we need to go on living as intended and leave them behind. They are the only ones that will be hurt.

Dreamer’s World February 2 2016 – Our Messed Up Electoral System


For a country that prides itself on being the one to show the rest of the world how to have a representative government, the USA sure has some messed up elections. I won’t even go into the electoral college, that is written into the Constitution and would require major changes and amendments. Instead, I want to focus on the elections themselves and the never-ending campaigns that we are subjected to.
     The ONLY thing regarding elections that is covered in the Constitution worth noting is that Congress will set the date for national elections. This has been done to be the first Tuesday following the first Monday in November. That is it. Case closed. Nothing more.
     How did we get to the never-ending campaign of primaries that go on forever? I have my own theory that the primaries were developed by the political parties in order to present their candidates to the potential voters in a time when mass communications were not possible. Given that environment, it made sense for candidates to travel to each state and make their case for being elected if they were running for national office.
     With the advent of mass communication and air travel, this has become redundant. Now we have states that are positioned to hold their “primaries” first because they are following some tradition that no longer fits the needs of a modern society. Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina are all wonderful places to live, I am sure, but they hardly represent the nation as a whole. Remember that South Carolina only recently pushed itself towards the front of the list and would have gladly gone first but for resistance from the politicians and parties from Iowa and New Hampshire, plus the traditionalists around the country. The attempt by South Carolina proves that there is really no legal reason for any of these primaries to exist because if South Carolina had been successful, then another state would have eventually tried to go before them, and the endless campaign cycle would truly be endless.
     Since there is no longer a need for candidates to travel to each state due to lack of communication, I believe that these “primaries” should be abolished. There is nothing in the Constitution that protects them. The primaries are the tools of the political parties themselves. They serve only as a means of publicity and fundraising. The media treats them as the Oracles of Delphi, when history clearly shows that there is no true correlation between early primary performance and eventual winners.
     I wish that the American people would simply say ENOUGH and demand that these primaries be abolished in favor of a shorter national campaign. This bullshit started last fall, well over a year before the election. Personally, I think that 3 months would still be too long, but at least it would spare us from all the BULLSHIT that we currently have to wade through. I would suggest a 30-day campaign, no longer than that.

Dreamer’s World February 2 2016 – No Sleep


At least I managed to get some sleep and wake up without feeling like I got hit by a train. The downside to this is that I woke up at around 0330 in the morning and now will struggle to get back to sleep. Thus, the perfect balance still eludes me. I will try to go back to bed in a while and sleep if I can until 0800, but I am not optimistic at this time. I will comfort myself with not feeling sore all over as I write this, it is a victory of sorts.
     When the real day starts, I will be busy. Hal (person) has made his arrangements to travel to Philadelphia later in the week for a family member’s funeral on Saturday. I am sorry that he has to do this, I really do hate funerals, but I understand. For today, nothing will change here. I will work my normal day and be totally exhausted once again by the time it is over with and hope against hope for a long and comfortable night of sleep. We will see what happens.
     So far my nocturnal adventure has been joined by Hal (cat) and by Stevie Nicks. They both know, especially Stevie Nicks, that I have suffered from insomnia in the past. Stevie Nicks has now taken her place in my lap as I try to write more of this blog post. I don’t mind her being here at all, she is happy and makes me feel that way as well. I held her for about 30 minutes and let her know how loved she was before she decided that it was time to go and explore the possibilities that only she could see. Luckily, Hal (cat) and Spartacus didn’t intrude on our time together.
     As 0500 comes and goes I am still here with no sign of sleep yet. I am remaining very quiet even though Hal (person) is in the bedroom because I don’t want to wake him. I am switching between the iMac and iPhone as I continue to write using Evernote to keep things in order. I haven’t used the Chromebook yet because I didn’t feel like getting it out right now. If nothing else, this shows the value of Evernote as a blogging and writing tool. I occasionally still think about purchasing an MacBook, but I no longer feel that I am missing anything by not having one. I find it comforting that when my tax refund arrives that I won’t feel the urge to go out and spend it on something that I really don’t need.
     At least my BG levels are fine. In the past that has been the cause of my insomnia. Perhaps I am fighting off some winter crud right now because I don’t quite feel 100%, and haven’t for about 2 days now. I will have some oatmeal for breakfast in a while if I can’t get back to sleep and hope that helps. Even though I have felt less than 100% I have at least managed to maintain my 15,000 step daily routine over the last week. I know that this is good for me in the long term so I will make every effort to continue this. 
     Another thing that crosses my mind at times like this is how well I have done with my blog. I have met some truly fascinating people by following their blogs and many of them have returned the favor and followed this one as well. I believe that we all benefit from the encouragement and the exchange of ideas. The Blogging 101 course was incredibly useful and I am sure that I will take the next course when it is offered through WordPress. The course opened my eyes to the possibilities that are out there and helped me to realize that I am not writing in a vacuum. There are other people out there just like me who feel the need to write and exchange ideas with other people. 
     0600 has arrived and at this point it seems clear to me that I will not be going back to sleep at all before i have to go to work at 0900. to be blunt, this sucks but I have to force my way through. The only option that I have would be to call in and let the job know that I am taking a day off. I really don’t want to do that, but if I am exhausted I might have no other choice. I will just keep pushing until I cannot push any more.

Dreamer’s World February 1 2016


This year is just flying past. I cannot believe that February is already here. I hope that the trend continues, because it seems that in recent years that February has dragged on forever. I have on idea why I feel that way, perhaps it is the Winter Blues setting in, but I hope that this time things will be different for us all.
     Of course, this is also Monday and that means back to work for me. Hal (person) is figuring out if he will travel to Philadelphia this week to attend a funeral, I am totally out of the decision-making process on that. I will support him however I can, but the decision whether or not to go rests entirely on this shoulders. I know that he is very close to his family, at least up to a point. I know that he has never told them about me. There is nothing that I can do about that choice, personally I really lack any remaining family, and extended family is a completely alien concept to me. I have not, and won’t, judge Hal (person) on his decisions, but it does hurt in some ways. I would not demand to be included in his family, I don’t have one of my own and therefore I don’t miss it.
     Hal (person) spent several hours on the phone with various cousins and siblings last night. From what I can gather, he wasn’t particularly close to the relative who died, but he does feel a sense of familial responsibility about being with them. I know it is best to just let him work these things out and let me know his plans once he has made them.
     On the down side, I woke up this morning feeling like a train ran over me once again. My back is really giving me trouble this morning, and all the stretching in the world doesn’t seem to help that much right now. I have already taken a break to walk and see if that will help to ease the tension and spasms. Since I have been writing most of the morning, either here or for the job, I have been taking several breaks to walk and stretch.
     As the afternoon rolls on, Hal (person) has finalized his plans to go to Philadelphia on Thursday and return Sunday. He wasn’t close to the relative who passed away, but was very close to their family so I understand why he feels that he needs to go. There isn’t much that I can say in a situation like this, so I just talk if he wants to.
     I am hoping that this evening will be restful when I go to bed. I switched out the pillow on the bed and perhaps that will make a difference. I certainly hope it does because I am totally exhausted today. If I can manage, perhaps we will go out to an early dinner this evening, or I might order something to be delivered instead. I think that delivery is the best option that we have since I am feeling so run down right now. I still feel like crap here so I will be glad today at work is finally over with because I desperately want to lay down and take a nap when I have the chance.