Dreamer’s World January 27 2016


I feel like I have been hit by a train this morning. I tossed and turned most of the night, even when I was supposedly asleep. There are times when I wonder if I need to consider getting a new mattress or something like that because this seems to be happening too often. I have struggled with insomnia in the past, but this is different. I wake up feeling like I was in a cement mixer all night long. I am sore and in some cases, in actual pain when I get out of bed and that doesn’t ease up until I have a hot shower. In some cases, it takes time even after that for my back to relax. Hopefully, there is something that I can do to alleviate this problem, because this is no way to live every day.
     I am not traveling to meet with the client today. Due to the government opening 3 hours late and the effect that has on everything else around here. Instead, I am staying home and attempting to get ahead on the job while this opportunity presents itself. I attend well over 90% of the weekly meetings anyway, so I am not going to be placed at any disadvantage by dialing in today, if there even is a meeting.
     Now I can get on to the rest of my day. Hal (person) and I are definitely going to the grocery store this evening to re-stock. We haven’t been there since last week before the snowstorm arrived. We made it through this far without any trouble, but is it time to make another run.
     I am so glad that today is my short day at work. I start 2 hours early, therefore I finish 2 hours early. Most days I relish the extra sleep in the morning, but times like last night don’t give me any relief. At least I know that IF I CAN sleep tonight, I will be able to get the extra 2 hours.
     I keep psyching myself up for the rest of the day, but each attempt sees the effects wearing off are quickly than the previous one. I am exhausted and after our grocery trip after work, I plan to try to take a nap. With a little luck, I can catch up on some quality sleep. 
     As expected, I am not tired after work. Hal and I made our trip to the store and now we can focus on dinner before the UK game tonight. It sucks that this will be a late game starting at 2100 ET, but at least I will get the 2 hours of sleep back (I hope) overnight.

Dreamer’s World January 27 2016 – Still A Relative Newbie To The Blogosphere


Although I have been writing a blog for a few years, I still consider myself to be a newbie when it comes to blogging. I marvel at the ease with which gifted people can churn out multiple fascinating posts per day while I feel like I struggle at times to simply complete one remotely coherent post. Part of this is due to the job that I have, and the time that it requires each day. I seldom have the time to really focus on my blog and give it the attention that I feel it deserves.
     I don’t mean to make this sound like a swan song for my blog, far from it. I am going to make the effort to really increase the quality and quantity of my outputs. I wonder how many others have had this problem? I would appreciate hearing from any of you about this. I suppose that writers block is the wrong term to use in this case. I will be experimenting with the style and theme of my blog in the hopes of getting it like I envision it, at least for the time being.
     By this weekend, my blog will undergo a change of theme and I will try to add a few widgets to track entries by tags and categories. It might get messy for a while, but I hope that everyone will bear with me through the growing pains. I have encountered so many wonderful blogs that have given me ideas on what I would like my own blog to look like when I am finally done with the formatting.

Holocaust victims honored 71 years after Auschwitz liberated – San Francisco Chronicle

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Dozens of elderly Holocaust survivors lit candles at Auschwitz exactly 71 years after the Soviet army liberated the death camp which has become the most powerful symbol of the human suffering inflicted by Nazi Germany during World War II.

Source: Holocaust victims honored 71 years after Auschwitz liberated – San Francisco Chronicle