Dreamer’s World January 24 2016




Yesterday was a day of staying inside as the storm roared around us. Today is a day that I hope will allow me to get outside and get some exercise even with all the snow hanging around. With any luck, it will actually get above freezing at some point today and that should really help things out around here. I did clear the snow off the balcony last night so that chore is no longer awaiting me.
     The area is attempting to return to normal today. The roads are still rather tricky once you leave the main thoroughfares. I am so glad that we decided to pay the extra money to have our cars in the garage at a time like this. Honestly, I wouldn’t look forward to digging our cars out. The apartment complex crew did a great job with the parking lot to make a lane, but obviously this shoved a lot of snow in front of or behind the cars. 
     The recovery will take a day or two at least. There are areas to the west of us that really got buried with snow, although we didn’t get the real storm that was prophesied about endlessly for the better part of a week. Looking across the street at Shooter McGees, it is looks like they will not open for brunch today. It will be difficult to get out and actually go anywhere today because most places will be CLOSED.
     The worst part of this whole episode, personally, is the feeling of being trapped. It irritates me beyond words. I want to be able to get out and go places if I choose to, but I realize that my needs don’t run things around here during a time like this. I do see people walking up and down Duke Street, and I DO MEAN walking ON Duke Street because the sidewalks are not cleared off.
     As I watched people digging their cars out, I’m glad I paid extra for garage parking.


The afternoon is slowly moving along and we’re staying home as rage area digs out. The same n is shining and the temperature is above freezing and that helps everyone who is out working on snow removal.
     I deliberately took some time away from the blog to get some exercise in this afternoon. After a wonderful dinner with Hal (person), I am going to get another walk in before it gets late. I will be staying indoors and just doing the circuit of the building rather than risk stepping on an icy patch outside and falling down and busting my ass.  When I return from that, I will write more to finish up the day here.
     I just got all my steps for today logged and I am looking forward to a good night of rest. The federal government has already announced that it will be closed tomorrow, but that has no impact on me and I will start my day at 0900 on the usual schedule. I hope that it will be a good week for us all.