Dreamer’s World January 23 2016 – Time to Think

With this Saturday resigned to being a day spent indoors, with only the occasional smoke breaks on the balcony, it gives me time to think about things. Naturally my thoughts are all over the place right now. It will take time to get my mind focused on one topic to really start something meaningful.
A friend recently commented on my blog that the best thing to do in a case like this is just to start writing and see where that takes me. Well, here it goes.
I am trying another method of creating this blog post. I am using Google Docs to start because I can still post this to both WP and Blogger formats. I suppose that I really need to think about the value of continuing to use both platforms when I write because it does get rather tricky at times copyng and pasting the same things from one blog to another. I think that both platforms have their advantages. I certainly get more feedback from my WP blog, or at least that is how it seems to me. I know that G+ allows people to post responses to my Blogger entries, but it doesn’t provide the same detailed statistics that WP does. I don’t write for statistics, but I do enjoy seeing which posts do generate more hits. This helps me to write more effectively, at least I like to think so.
Normally, I use Evernote as my base platform and then migrate the entries to both WP and Blogger. This works on the basic level, but tags and photos have to be input at the WP site, and tags have to be input at the Blogger site. Advantage Blogger on that one. Blogger takes photos from Evernote more easily than WP.
I really wish that I could simply export my entire Evernote entry directly to both platforms with tags and photos included. I did find an app called Blogo that almost fits the bill. Tags still have to be migrated, other than that, it is almost perfect. A bit more research might be more helpful before I decide to abandon Blogo because it is a wonderful app in so many ways. I will experiment with Blogo as I post this and see how it works with some additional research.

My day is comfortable with the exception of the weather. We are safe and warm and happy. In the bigger picture, who can ask for more than that? I am very cynical when it comes to things that go on in the world, yet I am very much a people person. I totally distrust the corporate media, but I absolutely love talking to and communicating with, people from all over the world through my writing. Each person is a treasure that I value highly.
My day is also filled with music. Regardless of how I feel, or how confused I am when I try to write, music always makes me feel better. There are times when I use music to drown out the droning of the TV when Hal (person) has it turned on because I simply find that as I get older that TV is a complete waste of time for me. Shows that focus on a group of fucking idiots sitting around talking about things that they want me to think are important actually make me want to projectile vomit in the general direction of the TV set. That is the nicest thing I can say about those shows.I prefer to watch a movie, or sports, or cartoons. Anything that does NOT involve people hosting other people to talk about shit.
I finally turned the TV on to see the UK game against Vanderbilt. Before the game started, I ventured out to smoke. Because the wind has picked up, I went to the building garage and went out through the doors there. While it is cold, and there is lots of snow blowing around, there still isn’t the catastrophic amounts that were being predicted. Perhaps we have 11-12” on the ground now.
Happily, UK is leading Vanderbilt 37-27 at halftime. Once the game is over with, I will regroup and take stock of the day so far. With the snow still blowing around and the storm not predicted to end until midnight at the earliest, it will be a long night. I hope by tomorrow morning that I can get out on the balcony and begin effective snow removal efforts.
It is almost 2300 and the snow has stopped at last. I spent some time to get the snow off go the balcony and it is remarkably clean now and won’t be carrying any extra weight as the snow melts and packs. I think that this is a good a time as any to call it a night and get back to writing tomorrow. I hope that everyone has had a great day and will have an even better tomorrow!

Dreamer’s World January 23 2016 – The Snow


As I slowly wake up this morning, I am coming to terms with the weather. I honestly believe that we are nowhere near the 2 feet of snow that was predicted for us. At 1130 Saturday, it looks like calling what we have 1 foot of snow would be considered generous. 


It is cold and windy, that much they got right. While I am not ready just yet to call #snowpocalypse2016 a bust here in Alexandria, VA the temptation to do so is extremely strong. Sadly, if this is a bust, it only reinforces my belief that the media will go to any lengths necessary to promote fear and terror at the expense of real news. The amount go “impending doom” wall-to-wall coverage over the last few days just made me sick because I knew somewhere in the back of my mind that this would be the outcome. I am sure that there have been places where the forecasts were more accurate, I am speaking of what has happened, or failed to happen, right here.
     Nothing will change. The media will focus on the areas that experienced the worst and ignore the mistakes that they made with their reporting by claiming that they cannot get everything right all the time. Funny that they ask for this wide lack of accountability with their own reporting after the fact. I believe that this is the indictment of them. Their own “failings” will become the next avoid-the-real-news story that will occupy them for several days until the outrage wears off.
     The only thing the weather guessers got right is the cold and wind. Considering this is January, I think they all deserve participation trophies for taking the time to show up.


Dreamer’s World January 23 2016 – Sometimes it is the smallest things that mean the most


As I was going through my list of blogs that I follow, I made a comment last night. The blog, which I highly recommend is:
     Nothing unusual about that, but when the author, whom I have followed for some time, reached out and responded personally to me I felt like a million bucks. Isn’t it amazing that such small acts of kindness can create such a wonderful impression on us?
     This morning I also received a very nice response from another follower:
     Her response was much more inquisitive about how things work here as opposed to in her home country. I love that she took the time to reach out and ask me questions.
     I wish I knew what the secret was to make us always feel that we need to be nice to one another, not out of a sense of responsibility or because we have some ulterior motive, but because it is the human thing to do. Why is it that we can become so jaded that we take those around us for granted? Sure, there are assholes in life, but not everyone is an asshole, not by a long shot. Yet we always seem to expect the least from everyone based on the negative experiences that we ourselves have had in the past.
     What a tremendous waste of time and effort those feelings are. They pale into nothing when compared to the exhilaration of human interaction and contact. The need to reach out and feel accepted is universal. Sadly we far too often will forsake the risk because we fear failure or rejection.
     One of the very hardest lessons I ever learned was also one of the most simple. Being happy is a choice that we have to make for ourselves. It won’t always mean that we will be happy 100% of the time, but it opens the possibilities up to us on a much greater level if we decide that happiness is what we want for ourselves. Making that decision eventually shows when you interact with other people in the most ordinary ways. In turn, those people are much more likely to be attracted to someone who projects that choice that they have made.
     Never let anyone have such a level of control over you that you are no longer able to choose to be happy. If we have a soul, losing the ability to make that choice is the closest equivalent to losing a soul that I can think of. We become empty shells without that choice, and will complete the self-fulfilling prophecy of not being happy in the future because we aren’t happy now.
     Take the time to make the decision to be happy. And take the time to send some positive wishes and comments on to others. It makes a world of difference.