Dreamer’s World January 21 2016 – Impending DOOM/SNOW


“Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here” is from Dante’s Inferno, but a paraphrase for this week would be “Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Reside in the DC Metro Area” would seem more appropriate with the oncoming winter storm that threatens to dump between 1-2 feet of snow on us beginning sometime Friday. In anticipation of this, Hal (person) and I want to Harris Teeter yesterday to get what groceries we think would be needed in advance of the storm because panic will begin setting ion today.
     It didn’t help that there was snow last night, just a few inches, but still the first time this winter that we have actual snow cover on the ground. Naturally, this caused chaos around the area last night during rush hour. This is only a small taste of what is predicted for us with the big storm. I am glad that we don’t have any trips that have to be made today or tonight.
     Work is slow today, this is not surprising since the weather is the topic on everyone’s mind right now. At least after tomorrow I will be all caught up on the time for this pay period and next week I will return to my normal starting time of 0900 as opposed to 0800 this week. Since I work from home, the weather will not affect me in terms of getting to and from work, so I won’t have to worry any about that.
     After a deliberately slow day yesterday, I am getting back into my walking routine. With work being slow, I can take my cell phone and get in the walks throughout the day here and not miss anything, and still be able to respond quickly if I am needed.
     Last night we received about an inch of snow and this happened:
     We are DOOMED!
     At least this is, as I predicted, a quiet day at work. After 1730, we will determine if there is anything we really need that we didn’t pick up yesterday while we were out. Honestly, I cannot think of anything and that is good. Word is that tomorrow afternoon the entire DMV area will start to shutdown as the storm approaches, but with the way things usually go around here, the storm will arrive early and that will start more chaos. If the forecast is wrong ,the panic and chaos will still ensue due to mass stupidity.
     Truth be told, I am tired of all the hype about this storm and would rather just get it over with! The media does their typical fear-inducing and panic-mongering so I cannot watch them at all. With more than 24 hours left before the storm even ARRIVES, I am already so over the whole thing.
     It is hard to believe that we are approaching our collective demise here in the DC area by looking out the window on this Thursday afternoon, the sky is clear, last night’s snow has melted, the roads are dry, and life is good. We will have to wait and see what things will be like in 24 hours or so. If the storm fucks up the weekend, I might get upset!
     Now that the evening is here I am avoiding the media. I cannot handle the crap anymore. I will write again tomorrow before the storm kills us all, according to the media.