Dreamer’s World January 20 2016 – The Big Day


52 years young today. I wonder where all the time has gone. I don’t feel any real difference from yesterday, but the calendar states that something is different today. I arrived on Planet Earth on this day in 1964. I remember in later years being told how my Mom worried so much over the assassination of JFK that she was afraid that she might miscarry. Thankfully, that didn’t happen or else this blog would be incredibly awkward.
     Today is an interesting day to be born on. I am on the cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius. Basically, this means that I am a stubborn and highly motivated dreamer who sees things from a different perspective. It seems to be a constant struggle as each side tries to impose its will onto me. I suppose that is how I ended up as a Type B personality, because the struggle was just too intense to handle and I decided to let life take me where it will with no extreme guidance or demands from me, but without allowing flights of fancy to dictate as well. For this reason, some people have a hard time reading me personally, I consider that to be a safeguard against which only those who really want to know me will struggle through until the end.
     I am taking today off from work. I always do for my birthday. I deserve it, as everyone does. Hal (person) is at work for a few hours today, just like every other Wednesday, and I am writing and responding to birthday wishes from friends and acquaintances. Hal made spaghetti last night, and there is plenty to last us for several days. I consider that the most special gift because it is something that he made, rather than something he bought.
     After a quick look at The Weather Channel, it is now obvious that a major snowstorm is forecast for the DC area starting late in the day on Friday. While this is not the best news, at least it gives us time to prepare and make sure that we have things here that we need before the storm arrives. I will be going to Harris Teeter with Hal (person) after he gets home from work before we do anything else. 
     We did get to Harris Teeter before the real crowds got there. It was still crowded but we got what we needed.
After that, Hal (person) took me to my choice of places for a birthday dinner. I chose iHOP. Some might think that is weird, but I like it and it isn’t expensive for Hal. We are home now and should be for the rest of the evening. I will get some rest and have a wonderful spaghetti dinner with Hal. After that, tomorrow is another day as I start my “new year”.

Randle El, 36, struggles on stairs, regrets football

As much as I love football, I see what Antoine is saying. Players continue to get bigger and faster and stronger while protective gear cannot keep up. It is a shame that we cannot get past the money that these players make in order to see their value as human beings who literally place their lives on the line like modern gladiators. I agree with some of the comments that football will eventually become something akin to the Roman gladiators and will require society to take a long look at the value of the sport that takes so many lives and diminishes them.

Former Steeler Antwaan Randle El regrets football after experiencing mental and physical issues.

Source: Randle El, 36, struggles on stairs, regrets football