Dreamer’s World January 19 2016


The morning has begun, and I am about to start work an hour early to make up for my day off last Friday. Tomorrow I am taking off because it will be my birthday, and who wants to work on their birthday?
     I spent the first hour or so this morning after waking up completing my Blogging 101 assignment and also responding to comments on this blog. I am understanding that I will have to take some time each day to dedicate specifically to my blog as my proficiency and readership increases, but that is a good thing.
     One last item before I really start work, Hal (person) decided to pose with Stevie Nicks for a picture this morning.
I know that I am very lucky to have both of these wonderful companions in my life. I have gone through tough times in order to finally find happiness, and I am grateful for each and every day.
     The work laptop, which is very old, is still trying to get itself started this morning. With any luck, next month I will finally get a tech refresh and that means a new machine that is more up-to-date and robust. Rumor has it that I might get a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 which would be nice. That remains to be seen, and my immediate goal is to get through today at work.
     Hal (person) asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I told him that all I wanted was for him to cook a spaghetti dinner for the two of us so we can spend the time together at home. I think I surprised him with that request, but that was the point 😉 I really don’t need anything right now. Of course there are things that I might WANT, but those things aren’t necessary.
     It is 16 degrees this morning, by far the coldest of the winter season. According to the Weather Channel, we might be in for some heavy snow on Friday. I prefer to listen to TWC rather than the hysterical local idiots with the hyper-sensational panic over any story that involves the remote chance of snow falling. What it does mean is that we will make sure that we go to the grocery before Friday to get a few items in case there is a major snow event here. It isn’t a big change from our normal routine, just moving it forward a day or so.
     As lunchtime approaches, I am caught up with things and waiting for the afternoon meeting cycle to begin. I have gotten several short walks in on my breaks and am approximately 33% of the way to my 12,000 step goal for today. Obviously, I am NOT going outside to walk, I am just making circuits of the apartment building to get the steps in today.
     Hal (person) just came back from running his errands. It is still bitterly cold outside and I am glad that I am working from home rather than dealing with the cold and a commute. Surprisingly, I only have 2 more meetings this afternoon before quitting time finally gets here. Since I am taking tomorrow off anyway, I can deal with that.
     I seriously doubt that we will go anywhere after work today. If there is any trip at all, it will be my last-minute items that I would normally get on Friday and getting them early because the weather forecast seems to be getting worse for Friday and Saturday.
     As I have my meeting started, the other attendee has not shown up. Since she works for a different company, I have no way of knowing if she is at work today or not. I lose nothing by hanging out in the virtual conference for 10 minutes to see if she shows up or not. She never dialed in, so I ended the call and took a short walk. My next meeting is at 1630 and by the time that is over with, I will be just about done for today.
     I have to admit that I have mixed feelings about tomorrow. Another year in the books for me and I start yet another chapter in my life. I will certainly look forward to continuing my writing, and hope that it brings some pleasure to those who happen across it. I don’t really have any expectations for year 52 other than to remain happy and be content with where I am in life. I am not expecting any big presents from Hal, although I did ask him to make spaghetti, as I mentioned earlier. In the past we would celebrate birthdays with friends, but that became rather tedious and then the problems started when relationships broke up. It is never easy to decide who to be with and who to exclude since neither person has done anything to us.
     Since there were a few episodes of people believing that they did not get a gift that was as nice as the one someone else received for their birthday, Hal and I opted out of that altogether. We are still happy and will let the other people sort out their issues amongst themselves. Life is too short for shit like that! I will be just as happy spending the day with Hal and The Stooges and no outside interference. 
     Now that the afternoon is rolling along, I have my second wind. I feel weak today. I am at 50% of my steps for the day and I will easily reach my goal. I suppose that if there is any chance that Hal and I would go anywhere this evening, it would be right across the street to Shooter McGees for wing night and come beer.
     I was so wrapped up with work that when I just stepped out of the bedroom/office that I almost stumbled over the maintenance man who is here taking care of a few minor issues in the apartment. Hal is taking care of him and it won’t interrupt the rest of my workday at least.
     The apartment maintenance person is still working as the 1600 hour arrives. I am sure that he will be done before 1730, but I cannot say he will be done before my last meeting of the day at 1630. No sooner than I typed that last sentence than Hal (person) poked his head in the door and told me that the maintenance person was gone for the day. Now I will have peace and quiet for my 1-1 with my supervisor. 
     Work is finally over with. I am relaxing as Hal (person) is making dinner. Everything smells absolutely delicious, the aroma is permeating the apartment and really making me hungry. It feels great to be here safe and warm at home with Hal (person) and The Stooges on this cold night.

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