Dreamer’s World January 18 2016 – Winter is here at last


In addition to MLK Day, this day has really been the first day that truly felt like Winter has arrived here in the DC area. The skies have been mainly clear, but it is bitterly cold here today. I don’t think that the high temperature will get above 25 degrees, it it gets that high. Hal (person) and I did go out for a little while. I got 2 new sweaters to help me stay warm here at home, and we ate lunch at the mall food court. I know that we won’t be going out this evening, it will just be too cold for any of that nonsense.
     I hope that everyone will have shelter from the cold. It is inhumane for anyone to have to suffer in weather like this. Here is the local link for shelters in Alexandria
     Please share this with links to your local shelters.

One thought on “Dreamer’s World January 18 2016 – Winter is here at last

  1. Funny that you should mention the cold along with shelters today. I just recently read in one of my Daily Bread articles, of a wonderful Idea the people in Canada have to shelter their homeless. They’re BENCHES, can you believe that ? What they’ve done is placed a pull over canopy on their benches. This being done for the homeless, the idea is when someone sleeps outside they have no protection from the elements. But if you place a canopy on the bench back, that could just be pulled over at night when the homeless person were to lay down to sleep, even if it rained at least there would be, some type of shelter from that element. Providing the sleeper with at least a dry night and a place to lay down. I thought that was a very Good Samaritan thought for them to do. Don’t you ?

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