Dreamer’s World January 17 2016


The day started here with snow flurries in the air. Nothing was sticking to the ground, but that didn’t stop the local idiots from making my planned trip to Harris Teeter for some groceries into a real adventure. Drivers in the DC area are notoriously bad drivers under the best of conditions, but when the “S” word is mentioned, or there is snow in the air, they lose their minds!
    One group of people want to show off their 4×4 SUVs and drive even faster than normal while another group will slow down to approximately 20 mph regardless of the speed limit. This creates the hazardous driving that this area just doesn’t need. Luckily, Harris Teeter is less than a mile away and I made it there without incident, although I witnessed several close calls.
    Of course, the crowd at Harris Teeter would convince you that the end of the world was upon us. There I was, just picking up a few items and I was stuck there for almost an hour due to the long lines for checkout. The trip home was even worse because I was behind one of the 25 mph lunatics which was causing a real traffic jam and making the other lunatics too impatient.
    After I got home, I put the groceries away and checked on The Stooges. Spartacus was taking it easy on top of one of the chairs in the living room
Stevie Nicks was looking elegant on top of the other living room chair
Meanwhile, Hal (cat) was doing his thing in the chair along with Spartacus.
I got some walking in around the building after lunch, and now I am waiting for Hal (person) to get home from work. The sun finally came out, and the snow flurries have stopped. Since tomorrow is a holiday, I will find out if there are any potential plans for this evening after Hal gets here.
     Now that Hal (person) is finally home, we are all set for the evening here. We both have tomorrow off, so we will spend the time together. It is nice to not have to think about going to work in the morning for a change on a Monday, but I think I can adjust to it 🙂

5 thoughts on “Dreamer’s World January 17 2016

  1. Are Spartacus and Hal Cat Blue Burmese??? I had 4 Blue Burmese when I lived in CA. A wild mother cat moved in with me and then had kittens. I couldn’t give any of them away after watching them be born, so they all lived with us for 14 years. By the time I moved to Mexico, only one was left so he moved with me. They were wonderful cats! Gray and lithe with chartreuse eyes. Now I need to know the story about how you wound up with both a lover and a cat by the name of Hal. Which came first?

    • Hal (cat) is a rescue cat, we don’t know his background. Spartacus is a short-haired Norwegian Forest Cat, and Stevie Nicks is a mix of domestic with Norwegian Forest. The cat that we lost in December was Spartacus’ litter mate and was the traditional long-hair Norwegian Forest. We are partial to that breed because my best cat of all time, U.K., was one and he lived until the age of 19. Thanks very mnuch for resonding and showing an interest in The Stooges 🙂

      • My Blue Burmese were also forest cats–invading my house slowly from the redwood forest of central California. First the mother was just a glimpse in the trees as I gardened far down below my house on the side of a mountain. Slowly she came to feed and by the time her babies were born she was firmly ensconced in both my house and my heart. The mother, Kiddo, disappeared when the kittens were a year old. Patti contracted some kitty disease from the shot to counteract it. Bearcat and Bentley lived with me for 14 years until Bentley disappeared into the forest and never came back. Bearcat moved to Mexico with me and, heartbreakingly, drowned in my pool almost 14 years ago. I still can’t bear to think of it. Kind souls say he must have died of a heart attack and fallen in. I hope this is true as he was so well-balanced and graceful, and the alternative is just too horrible to imagine.

      • I understand your loss. It is never easy, but if we don’t choose to love pets we have no business taking them in the first place.

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