Dreamer’s World January 16 2016 – Rainy Saturdays and Reflections


As Saturday begins here, it is overcast and actually foggy this morning. Hal (person) is already at work so I have some time to write and reflect. This is a normal part of my weekend, I really am enjoying my blog more and more since I started the Blogging 101 course and I have recently passed the 500 likes mark. I want to take this opportunity to send a THANK YOU to everyone who has visited this blog and found it worthwhile or interesting. Honestly, this is something that I never would have prophesied, but I have to admit that I was so happy when I was notified that I had passed that milestone. It gives me confidence that other people are at least interested in what I have to say. I realize that this blog is not the most inflammatory blog out there. It focuses for the most part on my everyday life and how I make my way through it. I do believe that my writing skills have improved in the process.
     As my birthday continues to approach, I have talked with Hal (person) quite a bit about it. I don’t want any extravagant presents, I am more than comfortable with my life the way it is. I have thought back through the years and I know that the last 16 years with Hal have indeed been the happiest in my life. I told him the other night at dinner that all I want and need is to be together with him, and The Stooges. We are a family and together we can withstand anything and accomplish anything. The days of wanting things just to have things are in the past. I am incredibly lucky and it has taken some reflection to emphasize to myself just how true that statement really is.
     There have been so many people that have been important in my life. Sadly, most of them are either passed on or have moved on and we have lost touch. I was not part of a large family, not part of a close extended family. This means that I have always been more on the self-sufficient side throughout my life. When I met Hal (person), that began to change. the walls were breached and he became a true part of my life. We have both guarded our lives very well and found that so very few are worth letting inside the walls. It sounds rather sad, but I assure you it isn’t. Our intense focus on one another has strengthened our relationship throughout it 16+ years. As year 52 approaches, I can honestly say that I am the happiest I have ever been in my life.
     This blog has given me a real sense of perspective since I began it a few years ago. It began in fits and starts, and it took me a long time to really make the decision to focus on it and commit time to it each day. I learned what to write, and more importantly, what NOT to write as I began to share my life here. I am very respectful of others’ privacy and I demand that mine be respected as well. I believe that this is more easily accomplished by not calling others out online if there are disagreements. Indeed I now just block those who would post thing to my various social media accounts in order to argue or ridicule. The most important aspect of that decision was my choice to never acknowledge them at all. When they are blocked, I never mention who they are or what caused my action. Life is too short to be that worried about other people and argue with them in the nether-sphere.
     Back to the here-and-now, I actually have no plans for today while Hal (person) is at work. I need my rest, and this is the time to get it. After Hal gets home we can make decisions about doing something, but we  seldom make advanced plans anymore and prefer to live more spontaneously when we are together.
     I have been productive this morning while I spend time with The Stooges. I just changed my car and renter’s insurance in order to save about $20 a month and that qualifies as time well spent. The new policies will take effect next month and I am happy with the decision. I know that there is no such thing as loyalty from a company to a customer anymore. I always check the insurance rates once a year, and the fact that Navy Federal recommended this company made it an easy decision to call them and get more information. So, it is now 1030 and I have accomplished that much. The skies have brightened and today is looking like a great day. While the idea of going out is appealing, I know that I also need to get some rest and spend time with The Stooges.
     After several hours of resting, Hal (person) has come home from work and I’m sure he will let me know if there will be any plans for this evening. He stopped at Best Buy and picked up his computer, which has been nothing but a source of exasperation for him. I have been hoping that Hal will eventually make the switch to Apple. It is a matter of personal preference for him, and I respect that. Hal is going to reconnect his computer and try things out after he takes a shower. 
     If we don’t go anywhere later, I will seriously think about ordering dinner for delivery. There is plenty of time to decide on that.
     Kentucky lost to Auburn. Judging from the way the game started, I am not surprised at the outcome. This is a different Kentucky team from a year ago. They will do as well as they will do and no amount of getting upset over things will change that.
     After the game, perhaps to take out some frustration, I physically destroyed some old external hard drives that I found while Hal (person) and I were cleaning up all the clutter in the bedroom/office. The drives were very old, and the connectors no longer were available on my iMac, so it was time for them to go. I am sure that they had already been erased, but I took the old Navy precaution of opening them cup and then destroying the hard drive disks. The pieces have been thrown in the trash compactor for the building so there is nothing for me to worry about.
     Hal (person) is still asleep and might be for a few more hours. I haven’t made up my mind about ordering dinner, I don’t want to spend a lot of money right now. If I decide to wander out, there are a few places that I can go within a block or so. I will make up my mind later about that.
     I am still glad that Hal is home, even if he is still asleep. I don’t mind being quiet, most of the time I am anyway. Hal (cat) makes more noise than I do announcing himself at odd intervals, or as he walks into a room. I love hearing him talk. Stevie Nicks talks a lot less, and Spartacus barely speaks at all. They are all loved, and they know it.
     The evening has been quiet. Hal (person) and I ate pizza and watched movies on the couch together. All of The Stooges visited us and life is good. I hope that everyone has had a great day and will have an even better tomorrow.