Dreamer’s World January 15 2016 – A Much-Needed Day Off


Because I worked through the holidays with the exceptions of the actual holidays themselves, I decided that today was a good time for me to take off from work. I slept in until 0800 this morning. I get a 4-day weekend out of this with Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on Monday ,so I consider it to be a fair trade for making sure that everyone else could have their time off at the end of last year. Because my birthday is next Wednesday, I was very tempted to take Tuesday off as well as Wednesday, but there is too much going on so I will work on Tuesday to catch things up before taking my birthday off on Wednesday.
    I scheduled my monthly visit to the Chiropractor for today. I will be there around noon and then I won’t have to fight any traffic either way. I will get home in plenty of time for Hal (person) and I to do something in the late afternoon since he has to work tomorrow and Sunday. I got my taxes prepared last night, and am ahead of that for the year. I know that refunds won’t be processed until the end of January, but at least mine will be in line when the process starts, and that way I will get it sooner rather than later.
    I need this day off. Handling things with people out of the office for most of 2 weeks is really tiring. They can complain all they want about how busy they are now, they had their time off. Now it is my turn 🙂 I wish that there were some grand plans for the weekend, but alas, there are none. I will find ways to keep myself occupied and out of trouble. I suspect that most of them will involve this blog and working on it. I am still enjoying the Blogging 101 course. Recently, the emphasis has been on customizing our blogs to make them more reader-friendly and to build relationships with other bloggers, which builds our own blogs in  the process. I know that my daily hits have gone up tremendously since I began the course, and I am grateful for that.
    It is almost time to head out to the Chiropractor for my appointment. With any luck, I will be back in plenty of time to go out with Hal (person) later this afternoon. I know that I will feel much better after the visit, I always do, especially in my neck and shoulders.
     I got away from the Chiropractor on-time and feeling much better this afternoon. I called Hal (person) and told him that I was on the way home. He said that he needed to take his PC to Best Buy and have the Geek Squad look at it because it was acting up. I drove home and picked up Hal and his PC and we proceeded to Best Buy.
     While we were there, I drooled over the MacBook Airs and also checked out the Surface Pro 4 only because the company is scheduled to send me a Surface Pro 4 to replace the ancient laptop that I have now. Eventually, Hal joined me and as I was looking at the Apple products, one of the salespeople started talking with Hal (person) about possibly getting an iMac.
     After that, we had an early dinner at Hops, a microbrewery/restaurant in the same shopping center as Best Buy before coming back home. Less than an hour after we arrived, the rain began. We are home for the evening without a doubt. I feel so much better after the Chiropractic adjustment and I am hoping that I will have a great night of sleep.
     I had been avoiding the news all day here, but I just heard through Twitter about the unfolding tragedy in Burkina Faso where a hotel frequented by foreigners has been attacked and seized by terrorists. I wish that there was a quick way to solve the problem of terrorism, but there isn’t. Military responses only seek to harden the position on both sides, they bring things no closer to resolution. Sadly, military response seems to be the preferred plan by fat too many people.
     I will stop here for tonight. I hope that everyone had a wonderful night and an even better tomorrow.