Dreamer’s World January 13 2016 – Where Have The Years Gone?

     Next Wednesday, I reach another birthday. I am not superstitious about these things and I know that age is just a number that we assign to ourselves. I suppose what makes this upcoming birthday different is that as I prepare to turn 52 years old, I am realizing that there is more life behind me than ahead of me. Where has all this time gone?
     I can clearly recall mornings from my childhood. There seems to be a memory for each season. I can smell the grass in the summertime, I can feel the silent cold of the snow that I hoped would keep me from going to school. The memories are so intense I can almost reach out and touch them.
     I remember Mom and Dad always teaching me to think for myself and to question everything. I thank them for that each and every day. I remember the talks around the dinner table that lasted for hours. I remember the difficulties Mom had with her family since she had been adopted as a young girl. Her natural siblings found her later in life. I remember how Mom struggled to put together a family that she never knew. I remember Dad telling me that it was the three of us against the world.
     I remember our town getting a McDonald’s and thinking that we had finally reached the big time. I remember cable tv when it was something that we couldn’t afford, but somehow we never missed.
     I remember playing 2nd base and center field. I can still hear the “ping” of the aluminum bat as I would race around to 2nd base after hitting a double into the right-center field gap. I remember playing right field on e game and backing up an errant throw to first base. I unloaded a bullet to 3rd base that had the runner out by 10 feet.
     I remember listening to songs for the first time. These are the most relevant memories for me. The music never changes. The memories the music evokes varies from time to time, but always in a good way.
     I remember the first kiss, I remember the first date, I remember the first rejection. I remember the first heartbreak that I swore I would never recover from. Silly me, life would prove that was just a warmup for later. I remember playing in a band, I remember being in the marching band, I remember friends that have vanished into the mists of time. I remember Saturday morning cartoons that weren’t designed sold to sell toys. I remember the Road Runner and Wiley Coyote on a 13-inch screen.
     I remember elementary school where it seemed I was always being held back because I was taught so much at home. I was taught to be inquisitive and to never stop learning. I remember thinking that so many kids there we’re just going through the motions and not caring about anything.
     I remember middle school, I remember the school dances. I remember the feeling that I had made some cosmic and karmic advancement from elementary school. I remember finally being allowed to write what I wanted in English class to let my creative side out.
     I remember high school. I remember the nerves when I took my driving test since my Dad had suffered a stroke and was unable to be there with me. I remember parties that I wasn’t supposed to go to, so naturally I went anyway. I remember causing trouble, or what passed as trouble in a small town. I remember school trips with the marching band. I remember the feeling that I was invincible just like everyone else and that life was nothing but roses (watch out for those thorns). I remember dates, I remember long quiet evenings just talking about getting the hell out of our hometown. I remember my Dad passing away when I was 17 and feeling that a void had been created that would never be filled. I remember graduation. It felt like parole had been granted.
     I remember the year before I went away to college. I remember watching so many of my friends dutifully lock themselves into our hometown. I remember their expressions that said they had no choice, that they had not prepared to do anything else. They attempted to comfort themselves with the belief that thus was the best that they could do. I remember the revelation that I was indeed different. I remember knowing that I could not just melt into the town to never surface again as an individual.
     I remember college. I remember the new faces and the new environment. I remember the tears in my Mom’s eyes as she drove away after making sure that I was settled into the dorm my first year. I remember making new friends. I remember being challenged intellectually for what seemed the first time in my life. I remember the college marking band and the football and basketball games that I was able to attend because I was with the band. I remember the Challenger explosion as it happened on CNN in the Student Center. I remember the sense of awe as history unfolded in its terrible glory and older people talked about the JFK assassination, although that happened before I was born. I remember that it taught me that the world goes on regardless of tragedy, and the only real choice we have is to keep moving forward as well.
     I remember when I joined the Navy after college because I wanted to get into a job field that wasn’t open to anyone without military training. I remember the pride my Mom had when she saw me in uniform. I remember seeing parts of the world that the old friends in my hometown could only dream about. I remember good times and bad from the Navy. I remember nearly being married twice (luckily I never got there).
     I remember meeting a friend, Donald Beasley, who would remain a close part of my life. I remember meeting his wife and family years later and feeling like I belonged. We still visit them even though Don was killed in a motorcycle accident in 2014.
     I remember leaving the Navy when my Mom’s health failed her at last. I remember finally finding my soulmate in Hal (person, not the cat) right as I left the Navy. I remember Mom treating Hal as part of our family. I remember us both being there as Mom let our her last breath. I remember saying goodbye to her.
     I remember the struggles after leaving the Navy. I remember how Hal and I have always managed to find a way to get through things together. I remember various jobs, some good, some bad until I landed the right job that I have held for 10 years. I remember the cats that we have had, UK, Muffin, Spartacus, Maxwell, Stevie Nicks, and now Hal (cat).
     I remember all of the cars I have had, the AMC Pacer (don’t laugh), the late 70s Mustang (yuck), the Nissan Sentra hatchback, the Chevy Nova (blah), the Ford Explorer, the Honda Civic EX, the Jeep Cherokee, the Nissan Sentra (nothing but trash), and finally the 2002 Beetle (love it).
     I remember how I feel at this moment. I wonder where have the years gone? 

Dreamer’s World January 13 2016 – Our New Project

     A project Hal (person) and I have going on is reorganizing the second bedroom/office. Eventually the bed that is here will be gone and a daybed will be put in its place. This will free up some much-needed floor space in here. We are also attacking the rest of the room as well. Hal has been on the hunt for a bookcase/shelving unit that will fit into a corner spot that is not really that large. I think I found what he is looking for at IKEA, so it wouldn’t surprise me to hear that we are going there in the next few days.
     Once the room is finished, it will seem as if we have moved to a new place. The clutter will be all gone and it will be a more comfortable place for me to work in as well as for relaxing in the evening with the second TV that is already in the room. Normally, I would take a picture of the before condition, but that was rather beyond messy with all the stuff that will be purged and thrown out over the next few days as we decide when to purchase the daybed and have it delivered. 

     This is what the space looks like now. Not nearly as bad, but the daybed will create more room. It is amazing how much stuff we had allowed to accumulate on the bed as if it were a storage platform. The daybed that we will get looks like this.

It will make the room look entirely different. Thank goodness for IKEA! IKEA is also the place where I found the bookshelf that Hal (person) has already said would work in this space

Once we get this project finished, we will find something else to work on, but since it is an apartment we don’t have to worry about renovations or stuff like that. It is nothing like owning a home, but neither of us wants that. We enjoy the freedom of knowing that if we decide that we no longer like an area that we can move somewhere else.
     The best benefit of this whole evolution is that we are once again purging and paring down on things that we both have accumulated through the years. Possessions aren’t what are important, people and relationships are. When you have those, life is good with or without lots of stuff cluttering up your life.

Dreamer’s World January 13 2016 – Another Wednesday

Today has started out very cold. The coldest morning yet this winter. Of course, this is also the morning that I have to get up early and travel to meet with the client, so I have wrapped up well against the elements. It is very likely that I will be standing outside waiting on a train and a bus at various points during the trip there and back. Sure enough, I had to wait in the cold for about 10 minutes for the train but I managed to stay reasonably warm as I waited on the platform. At least I should be home before lunchtime so I can get back to work at home.
Wednesday morning is always the toughest time to get myself ready and motivated to face the day because I have to get up extra early in order to make the trip. I used to be up this early (0500) for work each day during the week but now I can sleep in with the exception of Wednesday until 0800 and that makes a huge difference in how I feel each day. It means working later in the day, but with the exception of Wednesday it also means no commuting, which I like. I’ll continue this post after I finish the meeting later this morning.
The meeting was canceled, but I didn’t get the message until after I arrived at the client’s office this morning. They never remember that myself and others actually have to travel in to attend these meetings. I circulated and caught up on things before I bade them farewell and now I’m on the train heading home. I’ll be waiting for a bus when I get to the station but it isn’t quite as cold as it was earlier this morning. I will be home in plenty of time for lunch, so I’m not worried about anything now. I will be working an extra hour this afternoon to make up time for Friday, which I am taking in order to have a 4-day weekend!
Of course one thing never changes, and that is the endless meetings that I have to dial in for each afternoon. Since most of the people involved are on the West Coast, it is morning for them. For myself, it is the early afternoon that gets crushed with meetings and this really kills productivity and motivation for the rest of the day here. luckily, I can put them on mute and keep on with the tasks that I have to complete. Occasionally, I am asked for input, but most of the time I am just there for some vague reason as being “part of the team”.
Hal (person) just got home from his job. Since it is so cold outside, I sincerely doubt that we will go anywhere after work, but Hal has surprised me in the past. I will wait and see what happens. I am rather disinterested right now, but that is because I am waiting for quitting time to arrive. It is amazing how well and quickly I recover afterwards.

Blogging 101 Day 8

I used the recommendations section to look at some other blogs and I found some incredibly interesting and unique ones that I had to comment on and have now followed:





I didn’t realize that an assignment that I thought would be rather difficult could turn out to be so enjoyable.