Dreamer’s World January 12 2016 – Going Through The Motions

     We all have days when it seems like nothing ever changes or progresses. These are the days when we must seize the opportunities to make ourselves, and the world around us, better. It isn’t always easy because the inertia of days like these seems to make any efforts futile at best. That should not deter us from making the attempt.
     Find something that you have wanted to do and do it. Break the routine that has you feeling so blah. I recently began a walking regimen each day. Since I work from home I now take a few minutes each our to make certain that I stand up and walk around. If I am ahead of things, I will take a short walk of perhaps 10 minutes, making certain that I have my cell phone with me in case I am needed for something on the job.
     I found that this small change in my daily routine made me feel better and made me more focused when I am at my desk even without the phone calls and emails pouring in. I have more ideas on improvement than I have ever had, and I attribute that to the small change that I made. The key is not surrendering to the mundane because that is what causes the blahs in the first place.
     Another change that I made was buying an exercise/stability ball to use as my chair when I am working. It takes some getting used to, and I am afraid that I ordered one that was too small. I have ordered what should be the right size and that should make the adjustment more comfortable. In addition to helping with posture and toning my midsection (and who doesn’t need that?) it also allows me to do some stretching exercises during one of my breaks. The new exercise/stability ball should arrive today and I will get it inflated and ready to go as soon as I can.
     Just taking a look out of the window can ease my mind. Although it is winter and the tree is bare, it still retains a certain dignity as if it knows that it is more permanent than I am, and that Spring will come if I am patient like the tree is.
     I know that one advantage I have in life is that I am a Type B personality. This means that I am not one to stress things that I cannot control even when others try to make me feel their pressure, I am able to resist and/or deflect it back to them without much effort. Right now I am waiting for someone to dial into a conference call that I have all set up. It was scheduled last week but the person never responded. I can see from the company messaging system that they are at work, so i won’t alert them until 5 minutes after the start time. If they are able to attend, they will. If they are not, then their lack of a response to the invitation tells me that they are a certain type of person and that I should keep that in mind when dealing with them in the future. Observation without being seen is a key life skill, and it also reminds me of the old Monty Python sketch about “Not Being Seen”, which is one of my favorites.
Monty Python – How Not to Be Seen (Original version)
Uploaded on May 27, 2008
“How Not To Be Seen” is a popular sketch from Monty Python’s Flying Circus. It was first aired as a the 11th episode of the 2nd series of the show.
This filmed sketch purports to be a British government film (No. 42, PARA. 6.) presented for public service (not unlike a public information film). In this sketch, the narrator, John Cleese, is trying to explain the importance of not being seen.
     Hopefully, my stealth skills are better than the ones used in the film. It does no good to be blown up by your adversary without warning.
     I was finally able to conduct my conference call and it went well. I did have to contact the other person via message, they were tied up with something else and had forgotten about the meeting. It went very well, and he was full of perspectives that I had not thought of, that is why I wanted the meeting in the first place. Now I can get an idea of what I will make myself for lunch here at home/office.
     The first of the afternoon meetings is complete. Now I have some time to catch up on things before the last real meeting of the day that starts at 1500. Once that meeting is over with, the rest of the day at work is gravy. I will get in another quick walk or two before that meeting.
     As the afternoon at work moves towards a close, I am seeing if Hal (person) wants to do anything this evening. It is a game almost like a tea dance that we go through as we determine what our evening will be like. If we do go out, we will have a wonderful time, if we stay here at home, we will have a wonderful time. The key is that we will spend the time together.