Dreamer’s World January 10 2016

     I took a break from blogging yesterday. The primary reason was that I had a terrible night of sleep, or rather lack of sleep, on Friday night. Saturday was a rather unpleasant attempt to function through the day while running on empty. I did write a post for the blog yesterday, but like the day itself, it lacked pop and focus so it went to the trash file and will probably never see the light of day ever again.
     At any rate, today is another day and it has begun with clearing skies and rather warm temperatures around here. This is the prelude to the cold weather that is supposed to return tomorrow. I am not sure about going out today unless it will help me with my exercise goals. 
     I ended up taking a nice long walk this afternoon 

     These pictures were taken as I walked the Holmes Run Trail in Alexandria. The views are mainly of Holmes Run, run being some type of Virginia name for a stream or whatever. It was nice and active after the rain yesterday. 
    After the walk, I stopped at London Curry House and enjoyed their brunch. The food is always excellent and has taught me to love and appreciate Indian cuisine. After brunch, I made my way back home and posted the pictures and decided to write some more. Hal just came in from work and I am waiting to find out if we are going to do anything before evening sets in and the cold weather arrives. Tomorrow is supposed to be over 30 degrees colder than today.
    I will be one of the people in the DC area that won’t give a rat’s ass if the Taters win or lose. I use the term to refer to the Washington NFL team. If they want to keep the name that they have, then they should change their logo to a potato

    The name of the team isn’t the reason I don’t care about them, it is the fact that I didn’t grow up here, so I have no loyalty to them and personally, I don’t care if they win or lose. I love football, but I just don’t care about that team. Unfortunately for us, the game means that most of the places we might consider going will be crowded with fair-weather fans hoping that the team wins.
    I hope that I get a good night of sleep again tonight. Tomorrow starts another week at work for me. I will be doing my best to stay ahead of things and improve on the areas I need to. With any luck, we might gain some network access that has been a problem for several months now as servers were being moved/replicated in different locations. Getting that access back will make my job a lot easier, for sure.
    We made a quick trip to the store for some necessities after Hal (person) got home and came back home to relax. I took a smoke break outside on the balcony and, from what I heard, the Taters aren’t doing that well. There were several people walking along the street making it quite clear that the game isn’t going their way. We are staying home for the rest of the night and I will try to get to bed early if I can. A lot depends on how I feel later.
     At any rate, today has made up for the awful sluggish day that was Saturday. I hope that everyone has had a great day and will have an even better tomorrow.