Dreamer’s World January 8 2016 – “Radicalized” is a word that I am SICK and TIRED of hearing from the MSM


I have written before about my disdain for the American media. They are corporate tools that fail on even the most basic levels of providing information to the public. Instead, we are bombarded with endless propaganda and viewpoints from so-called “pundits” with a financial agenda that drives them to pander to their corporate masters. The media generates shit from nothing and presents it as “news”. This is often accompanied by the reassuring message that “this information will keep you and your family safe”. It is time to throw the BULLSHIT flag on these losers.
     The point that I began to write about is the new term used by the media in their endless campaign to instill FEAR into the American people. This is the term “radicalized”. Exactly WHAT IN THE FUCK IS THAT? Someone invented the word and decided to plaster it all over the airwaves and apparently it is working. I have seen no questioning of this term, or of those that are so insanely fond of using it in every other sentence on a daily basis.
     This is Orwellian. This is the mindset factory that those in power need in order to remain safe in their ivory towers while the rest of us toil and try to make ends meet. This is the distraction that is used to keep attention away from any issue that they deem “dangerous” to their own interests. To constantly pummel the public with the term simply makes too many people believe that it must be important, or it wouldn’t be used as often as it is.
     “Radicalization” is the concept that a person or persons has somehow become indoctrinated with an ideology or set of ideas that are against the “mainstream”. Again, I point out that “mainstream” is the term used to protect the status quo and those who benefit the most from it. The term becomes a catchphrase that no longer needs explanation because everyone has it drummed into their heads.
     Mark my words, this term will soon be used to indict EVERYONE who opposed the system that we have now. Those in power will stop at nothing to keep us all distracted and distrustful of each other in order to protect themselves. The definition of this term will broaden in the very near future, but the expected response to it will not be altered in the least. We need a real awakening in this country. We are becoming nothing more than pawns in the machine that can, and will be replaced when the slightest alleged defect is observed. Be vigilant and be aware, but do NOT be afraid. Knowledge is the greatest weapon of all.

10 Reasons Why Federal Government Should Not Fight Terrorist Invasion, I Mean, Patriotic Takeover In Oregon

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Peaceful protesters Image source: Oregon live Malheur standoff: a peaceful protest as guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment.
Image source: Oregon live

Last Saturday, a group of armed militiamen had occupied the visitor center, museum, and gift shop in the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in eastern Oregon. This was a protest over federal government jailing a couple of local ranchers for setting fire on federal land, and as of now, the protesters are still there. The gunmen were led by Ammon Bundy, winner of Best Serial Killer Name contest and a son of Nevada rancher who almost started a civil war in over his refusal to pay for use of federal land (More on that here). The media had pointed out that if these gunmen were black, Muslim, or Hispanic, they would be referred to as “thugs”, “terrorists”, or “narco-cartels”, respectively, and the feds wouldn’t hesitate to use extreme violence to crush their, respectively – riot, insurgency, or invasion. So…

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Dreamer’s World January 8 2016 – Another Week Down


Welcome to the end of the first week of 2016. We have all survived the trials and tribulations that this week has thrown at us and we have all come out like winners.
     I have to say that I am really enjoying the Blogging 101 course through WordPress. I wasn’t sure how I would deal with this. It has turned into a joy, I look forward to each assignment as a new challenge. I have already connected with some fantastic people as a result and I look forward to reading as much of their content as time allows.
     The task for today was to select 3 themes for our blogs. Something to make them look different and inviting or interesting. I selected my new theme after having used the last one for almost a year. It was time for a change and the Blogging 101 course provided the inspiration I needed.
     As the weekend approaches, not quickly enough, I am deciding what to do Saturday and Sunday. Hal (person) will be at work and I will have the days to myself along with the Stooges here at home. I hope that the weather is nice enough to warrant going out for a while, but I will find something to do regardless.
    I am halfway to my 12,000 step goal after a few quick walks during the day. It is amazing how much better I feel. I have not lost weight yet, but my BMI is slowly decreasing, so that is a good thing.
    Hal (person) has decided that we are staying home tonight, and that is fine with me. I need to save some money again after the holidays. There are a few small things that I might research through Amazon since my birthday is coming up, but I won’t go overboard.

Dreamer’s World January 8 2016 – A Choice of Themes #3

 Blogging 101 has come up with another interesting challenge for my blog post, or rather for my multiple blog posts today. I will take a look at 3 themes that caught my eye and might end up changing to one of those. I would appreciate any feedback from followers as I make up my mind. It is always possible that I will stick with the theme I already have,  but I am looking at 3 that I definitely like.