Dreamer’s World January 7 2015 – Blogging 101 Day 4 – My Target Audience Is…….

     This post is going to be tougher than I imagined when I first read the assignment. I don’t know that I have ever purposefully attempted to guide my writing to suit anyone in particular, or to make them appreciate it or me. I write to soothe the urge within myself, at times it seems that I spin my wheels and repeat things in multiple posts, but I accept that as a cost of writing.
     I did take on the Blogging 101 course with the intention of improving my writing skills, so I will give this a shot.
     The person I would like to impress is YOU. That is, if you enjoy hearing about normal life events with some grander themes thrown in from time to time. I hope that you love cats, because we have 3 of them. Spartacus, Stevie Nicks and Hal.
     Hal is also the name of my partner of 16 years, so I suppose that if you are turned off by that fact then you fall off the list of my target audience. I am a Progressive with no time for religion or for those who use religion to mask their own failings, or to use religion to persecute others who don’t have their own view of the world and the people in it.
     I am a White male, my partner is a Black male, another obstacle for some, if that is the one that causes you to stop reading, enjoy the rest of your day.
     I will soon be 52 years old and that is too old for some. I have no hang-ups about other peoples’ ages because we all have something to contribute to this world.
     I love almost all types of music, with the notable exception of either/noth country and or western. While the songs can tell powerful stories, the environment in which they reside just isn’t my style. I suppose that is something else to stop some readers at this point.
     I am a sports fan, but not obsessive. I do not live and die based on the results from my favorite teams. Sports is something that I enjoy participating in as well, although I am not a world-class athlete.
     In summary I am a complicated human being with opinions and needs and desires and passions. Just like everyone else. I don’t know who I should write this to, so I submit it to all.

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